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Canada Issues Travel Advisory for LGBT Travelers in America: Concerns Over Safety and Neighborly Relations

The official Canadian government travel website has included a new warning about the United States, stating that “Some states have enacted laws and policies that may affect 2SLGBTQI+ persons.” It encourages readers to check relevant state and local laws. The warning does not specify any particular law, policy, or state, leaving it up to the reader to assume that there may be a threat to the rights of the LGBT community. This editorializing, disguised as a safety measure, exemplifies the progressive tendency to avoid uncomfortable debates by resorting to unfounded accusations. Rather than acknowledging that not everyone around the world will agree with the position favored by gender-studies students on every social issue, certain individuals have jumped to mischaracterize opposing views. It is important to note that hate crimes against Canadians for their sexual orientation have increased by 64% in 2021, but to suggest that the United States is a dangerous or uncomfortable place for LGBT individuals is absurd. Gay marriage is legal in all 50 states, and the Supreme Court has recognized sexual orientation and gender identity as protected categories under the Civil Rights Act. The United States is a global example of tolerance for diverse people and viewpoints. The issue lies with the fact that some individuals are upset that America protects the rights of people they dislike alongside those they support. Conservative legislators in the United States are primarily focused on protecting children from irreversible decisions and safeguarding conscience rights, rather than discriminating against or making life harder for anyone. While there are exceptions and isolated incidents of hate and crime in the United States, the same can be found in countries worldwide, including Canada. It would be deemed hysterical to issue a travel warning based on these statistics. If we were to reverse roles, America could easily issue a similar advisory for individuals suffering from mental illnesses due to Canada’s permissive assisted-suicide laws, which pose a more significant threat to a vulnerable group’s well-being. Instead of spreading fear, it is more effective to engage in open debates to change hearts and minds.

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