Cheating at the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest: A Frank Misdeed

Congress, the political class, universities, and the media have all lost the trust of Americans. But now, even the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest is facing controversy.

Since 1972, the contest has been a meritocracy, bringing together people of all ages to witness competitors push the limits of their stomachs by consuming as many hot dogs as possible in a mere 10 minutes.

After the time is up, the judges tally the plates and declare the scores.

But now, this age-old tradition has been tainted by accusations of cheating.

Nick Wehry himself is not disputing the claim: he asked for his score to be adjusted after allegations that he took an empty plate from a fellow competitor during this year’s July 4th competition, increasing his score from 46.75 to an undeserved 51.75. This put him over 50 hot dogs, allowing him to join an elite group of competitors.

There is speculation that he simply wanted to match his wife, Miki Sudo, the reigning women’s division champion.

Despite his denial of cheating, Wehry wants to clear any doubts of impropriety.

If he is indeed innocent, he can prove it in the next year’s competition.

His acceptance of the accusations is crucial as the contest rules do not allow for appeals beyond the judges’ decisions.

Fortunately, this year’s controversy is resolved, and the contest’s integrity is preserved.

The decline of integrity has not yet reached Coney Island.

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