Choosing Biden is a step towards early succession for Kamala Harris

By voting for Joe Biden in November, you are essentially voting for Kamala Harris to become president shortly after.

It is clear that this current president cannot continue for another four years, as his decline is evident and speeding up, despite efforts to deny it.

Many Democratic candidates are urging him to drop out due to this decline, making Kamala Harris a potential replacement at the top of the ticket.

Unfortunately, her ratings are not much better than Joe’s, and Americans lack confidence in her abilities as Vice President.

Biden appointed her to address the migrant crisis, but not because she demonstrated potential to step up as president if needed.

Her selection as VP was more about adding diversity and youth to the ticket, rather than ensuring a seamless continuation of leadership.

Her campaign in the 2020 primaries did not gain much traction, with one of the memorable moments being when she criticized Biden during a debate.

While many vice presidents are typically insignificant, this is a rare situation where the role holds significant importance.

It is crucial for both parties to learn from this and choose their candidates wisely in the future.

Source: New York Post

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