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CNN Poll Indicates the Public Believes Joe Biden Is Involved in Hunter’s Controversial Matters

You really can’t fool all of the people all of the time: After and despite years of media stonewalling, most Americans have finally figured out that Joe Biden as veep was involved in Hunter’s foreign “business” dealings. 

So reveals a new CNN poll: 61% of US adults say so, vs. 38% who either refuse to believe the obvious or just aren’t paying attention.

More, 42% think Joe’s actions were illegal, 18% legal-but-unethical and just 1% say his involvement was real but kosher.

Finally, 55% say Joe acted inappropriately as president while the Justice Department was “investigating” Hunter’s possible crimes.

The 44% who disagree apparently think it’s fine for the chief executive to regularly declare his son innocent on all counts (even while also insisting he never knew a thing about Hunter’s work).

Of course the truth has been out there for years, at the very least since The Post ran its first stories off Hunter’s laptop back in October 2020.

But the rest of the media, rather than rushing to beat us on the story, largely aimed to bury and debunk it, taking years to even admit the laptop was real.

Notably, The Washington Post — which had years before exposed the similar influence-peddling of then-Sen. Joe Biden’s brother Jim — turned its eyes away from signs that Hunter had taken the same scam onto the world stage, with Joe’s cooperation.

And the feds under a Democratic president and Congress covered for the Bidens.

Only with the Republican takeover of the House in the 2022 elections did real digging begin, as frustrated career IRS and FBI workers finally had somewhere they could safely blow the whistle.  

Those investigations proceed, and may well lead to a formal impeachment investigation as the best way to force agencies to cough up documents they now refuse to hand over.

The cat’s finally out of the bag, years later than should’ve been the case — and as the party establishment is beyond all-in on Biden’s 2024 renomination.

If that timing proves disastrous for Democrats or the country, you can blame all the people and institutions that covered for the Biden family when their actual duty was to get to the truth.

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