Commentary on US elites embracing anti-Semitism and promoting “green-energy transition”

Climate war: What ‘Green-Energy Transition’?

“Despite extravagant hype, the green-energy transition from fossil fuels isn’t happening,” explains Bjorn Lomborg at The Wall Street Journal.

“Achieving a meaningful shift with current policies is too costly. We need to change policy direction entirely.”

The problem: Adding renewable energy “does little to replace coal, gas or oil. It simply adds to energy consumption.”

In 2023, the world spent almost $2 trillion “to force an energy transition,” and over the past decade solar- and wind-energy use have soared — but so has fossil-fuel use.

“The way to achieve an eventual transition is to improve green-energy alternatives” by investing more in R&D.

“Bringing the costs of low-CO2 energy sources below those of fossil fuels is the only way that green solutions can be implemented globally.”

Conservative: US Elites Choose Jew Hate

“The city of Los Angeles cannot say it didn’t know” an antisemitic mob would blockade the Adas Torah synagogue, thunders Commentary’s Seth Mandel.

“The violence was planned and scheduled.” Yet the mainstream media ignored the “weapon-wielding psychos in keffiyehs” who “stalked Jewish neighborhoods.”

Remember, “it is a choice by the media to treat” Jew-hatred “with kid gloves. It is a choice by universities to kowtow to it. It is a choice by congressional anti-Semites to egg it on. And it is certainly a choice by the president of the United States to join such figures at political events and praise them to the heavens. The leadership of America’s political, media, and academic institutions have chosen this path.”

“And very few hands are clean.”

From the right: Europe’s Anti-EU Shift

The European Parliament election results signify “real elections,” where “a self-governing people pronounced on its ideals, its history” and “its destiny,” argues Christopher Caldwell at The New York Times.

“Voters in most of the European Union’s 27 countries rallied to parties that hold the union in contempt,” like France’s National Rally and Alternative for Germany.

To “understand today’s discontent with the European Union,” look to pressing issues across Europe like “purchasing power, the price of diesel, the age of retirement and the shortage of housing (often taken by migrants awaiting asylum hearings).”

Bigger picture: The EU project “has as its end point the extinction of France, Germany, Italy and the rest of Europe’s historic nations as meaningful political units.”

And though the EU has been “concealing its nature,” Europe’s “younger generation appears to have seen through the dissembling. We are only at the beginning of the consequences.”

Mideast watch: Biden’s Disastrous Paralysis

“We are on an Armageddon-like countdown in the Middle East, and the overall situation is fast devolving,” warn Mark Toth & Jonathan Sweet at The Hill.

“Hezbollah is dangerously nearing a point of no return in its ongoing cross-border war with Israel,” and “Iran is drawing ever-nearer to producing and fielding nuclear weapons.”

Yet National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan “continues to pursue losing strategies.” Meanwhile, “the Pentagon, stretched thin by Biden’s tail-chasing Middle East strategy, is also warning Israel not to become embroiled in a wider war with Hezbollah.”

“Escalation paralysis continues to dominate Biden’s White House, his State Department and now his Pentagon. Tehran, however, is not paralyzed. Nor is Hezbollah.”

Tech beat: Google’s Climate Censorship

“We predicted Google would demonetize it. We were right,” grumble the editors of Issues & Insights of an editorial citing government data that contradict various claims about climate change.

With no evidence, Google’s AdSense said “it had ‘disabled ad serving’ on that page because the article contained ‘unreliable and harmful claims.’ ”

That is, Google censors “labeled official government data as ‘unreliable and harmful.’ ”

The tech giant defines “unreliable and harmful” as content that “contradicts authoritative scientific consensus on climate change” — yet there is “no ‘consensus’ about many of the claims made about global warming.”

Instead of “protecting the public against false information,” Google “is attacking true information that undermines climate change dogma.”

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