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Contractors Increase Prices by Over Half for Offshore Wind Farms

In a fresh sign that New York’s state climate agenda is pure fantasy, contractors key to making good on a major piece of the so-called plan just filed to charge 54% more to build their offshore wind farms.

Taxpayers won’t be on the line for that, but ratepayers will.

That’s the bottom line of New York’s “net zero” climate plan to drastically reduce carbon emissions.

It aims is to stop burning natural gas and other fossil fuels (even for cooking and heat), vastly increasing the use of electricity – even while magically switching the state’s electricity generation from mostly fossil-fuel-based to all-alternative energy.

Since we can’t add significant hydro power and won’t build more nuclear plants, that means ginormous increases in solar and wind power – plus new transmission lines.

And vast energy-storage capacities, for which affordable technology doesn’t even exist yet.

State officials pretend this will “only” cost a few hundred billion bucks (it’ll actually cost far more) but don’t dare appropriate enough tax dollars for it, which means they’re mandating outlays that must eventually show up in utility bills. (That’s what “Con Ed will pay” means, since it and other utilities have nowhere else to get the cash.)

This is the truth about the state Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act; recent hikes in your utility bills are just a taste of what’s coming unless and until the law gets changed.

The plan for additional wind farms and other alternative power sources is part of the state's Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act.Source link

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