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Critics accuse NYC Mayor Eric Adams of downplaying migrant crisis

Right on schedule, Queens state Sen. Jessica Ramos pulls the racism card against Mayor Eric Adams over the migrant crisis. 

Adams worried in public that the social and economic strains from the influx (110,000-plus this past year) “will destroy New York City.”

“I had a really tough time falling asleep, thinking about the idiocy that was spewed at a town hall,” whined Ramos, calling the mayor’s words “divisive and xenophobic.”

No she didn’t. She couldn’t get to sleep because like a toddler the night before her birthday, she was so excited at landing a cheap and lazy blow against the man she apparently wants to run against.

When will New York City attract adults to be its politicians?

The reality is the vast majority of New Yorkers, 82%, sees the influx as a problem, for real reasons.

A clear majority, almost 60%, says New York’s already done enough.  

It’s not xenophobic to worry about the massive budgetary strain, with costs projected to reach $12 billion by end of fiscal 2025 even if the inflow levels off (it won’t).

That equals the combined budgets of the Parks and Sanitation department plus the FDNY. 

It’s Adams’ job to worry about the well-being of the whole city

He’s the mayor. He has to make the hard calls, not govern by Twitter posts or virtue signaling.

Remind us, please: What hard calls has Ramos ever made? 

Not one. She’s a lefty in a safe Dem seat in the nation’s highest-paid state legislature. 

She’s responsible to no one, thanks to Democrats’ stranglehold on city politics.

That lets her take an extreme and childish position on migrants without having to face any reality.

Indeed, she, like many other local electeds, doesn’t give a damn what’s good for the city or the voters, freeing her to instead chase clout on social media.

And she’s utterly typical of the online cadres who set direction on crucial issues for New York’s Democrats.

Queens socialist Tiffany Cabán absurdly called Adams’ words “Repugnant MAGA garbage”; “dangerous xenophobia,” echoed woke City Council member Shahana Hanif. 

Or recall AOC’s cruelly narcissistic stunt a few years back at the southern border, where she dressed in white and squeezed out a few crocodile tears for the cameras as she stared at the horrors of . . . a mostly empty road.

The migrant crisis slamming Gotham is a crisis.

It will cost the city and its taxpayers billions and strain services to the utmost. 

That harsh truth remains no matter how many leftists fake up righteous anger for soundbites. 

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