Democrats’ Desperation Exposed by Biden Impeachment Inquiry

Hunter Biden “expected all this ‘stuff’ to go away” once Joe became president, according to bombshell emails released by the House Ways and Means Committee ahead of the first public impeachment inquiry hearing into the president Thursday

The “stuff” being the federal investigation into his shady business dealings. 

And Hunter was very nearly right. 

If a measly five more House seats had gone to Dems in the 2022 midterms, it would have gone away. 

Instead, the indefatigable Reps. Jim Comer, Jim Jordan and Jason Smith made public endless evidence demonstrating how deep the rot runs. 

Like . . . 

  • Records of the millions flowing into the bank accounts of Biden family members from the cash generated by Hunter’s “work” (i.e., influence peddling via selling access to Joe, whom he plainly called “my family’s only asset”) in China and Ukraine.
  • Proof positive that, despite years of bald-faced lying on the subject, Joe not only talked biz with Hunter, he was actively involved in phone calls with Hunter’s erstwhile partners (and no, they weren’t just talking about the weather) and that Joe and Hunter’s finances were inextricably linked.
  • Whistleblower revelations from senior IRS officials detailing how the Justice Department frustrated efforts to investigate Hunter wherever the leads might go, including to Joe. Delaware Assistant US Attorney Lesley Wolf blankly ordered Joe erased from a search warrant.
  • Emails revealing that Joe Biden’s sudden 2015 effort as veep to oust top Ukraine prosecutor Viktor Shokin came a total shock to the people running point on the country under then-President Barack Obama, and that a lobbying firm that promised to “promote” the closure of Shokin’s Burisma investigation gave Joe talking points ahead of his Ukraine adventure.
  • A credible FBI informant alleging that Burisma head Mykola Zlochevsky claimed he’d paid Joe and Hunter a $5 million bribe each — which Wolf ALSO dismissed out of hand.

The inquiry hearing itself saw Dems make a desperate, last-stand effort to pretend it was insane to ask if all this somehow benefited Joe.

That’s even though Joe knowingly signaled that paying Hunter would influence him.

One “expert” witness the Dems called up compared it to giving a ticket to Joe if Hunter was caught speeding in his dad’s car. Ha! 

All they have is the lame line: There’s no proof Joe benefited personally

We say: yet. 

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