Extreme environmentalists focus on reducing human breaths, indicating animosity towards humanity

Get ready, humanity: The next climate crackdown target looks to have been chosen — breathing!

That’s right: New research indicates “exhaled human breath can contain small, elevated concentrations of methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O), both of which contribute to global warming.”

The research, from the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, reveals we’re all climate criminals, just like how it turned out a few years ago that we’re all racists.

The solution is clearly a blanket ban on aerobic respiration.

We’re living through a climate emergency, people — no time to waste!

All kidding aside: As absurd as that sounds, it’s not far from the truth.

For huge swathes of the green movement, remember, “degrowth” is a preferred solution to all climate issues.

That means an effective reduction of global living standards via artificial scarcity, which would necessarily entail mass death.

So the idea of greens moving to suffocate humans to save the climate isn’t that far-fetched.

After all, green politicos in Holland have already moved to crush their country’s agricultural sector via restrictions on nitrogen output, which translates to losing most of the nation’s cows.

Here in New York, the state’s “climate leadership” plan threatens to literally thrust citizens into freezing darkness as it mandates impossible, unreachable targets for renewable energy even as it pushes everyone to switch to electric heat.

Heck, in Germany, the government turned off the nation’s clean nuclear power capacity and re-activated dirty coal plants because that somehow will help the transition to non-fossil fuels.

President Biden’s war on domestic energy has inflicted massive economic hurt on American citizens, choking off US supplies and restricting drilling even as he begs oil from the Saudis.

Indeed, there’s no subject too small for Green New Dealers: They want to bring the full might of the government down on people for climate sins like cooking with gas stoves.

It’s beyond clear that the people behind such policies are driven by a passionate hatred of humans and our endless capacity to innovate ways to deal with wide-scale social ills like famine and plague.

To say nothing of the unprecedented material surpluses the global system of modern industry has created, and the countless millions consequently lifted from poverty.

Kill carbon emissions and you kill that progress.

There’s no way around it until we get large-scale nuclear power up and running (another effort these same climate fanatics oppose) or achieve some other major technology advances that can make abandoning carbon fuels truly affordable and practical.

What they’re pushing is a toxic combo of hunger for power and contempt for ordinary people — and they don’t care how many billions they immiserate along the way.

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