Former hostage courageously speaks out against Hamas abuses, challenges skeptics like Rep. Jamaal Bowman

The latest searing testimony from a freed Israeli hostage confirms yet again the bottomless depravity of Hamas: Amit Soussana, the first captive to speak publicly about these crimes, was raped at gunpoint by some of her captors.

The rape was just one of the many cruelties Sousanna experienced during her 55 days in captivity; she was subjected to beatings and humiliation repeatedly by the terror groups admired by elite academics, famous actors and musicians, the online left, and the individuals who obstruct roads and bridges “for Palestine.” This is the same group of people who believed that Shani Louk, the music festival attendee murdered by Hamas, deserved her fate.

Democratic voters from Dearborn to Berkeley, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and the president himself have all openly supported Hamas as well.

How else can we interpret Schumer’s call for Bibi’s resignation and Biden allowing the passage of a disgraceful UN resolution against Israel?

Above all, the harrowing truth shared by Soussana exposes the fallacies of the numerous rape deniers and Hamas apologists found throughout the left, including in the media.

When The New York Times published a story regarding Hamas’ sexual violence, there was a staff uproar.

The Intercept, a left-wing website, ran a campaign in support of Hamas.

Former Bernie Sanders aide Briahna Joy Gray took to X to sow doubt about the crimes and attacked Israel for “not thoroughly investigating claims of rape and collecting rape kits.”

Squad member, 9/11 truther-poet, and fire-alarm insurrectionist Rep. Jamaal Bowman was captured on video from a recent rally shouting that “they” – hinting at who! – “continue to use that lie” by condemning Hamas’ sexual atrocities. (Did he receive extra points for his Hitler-style arm gestures while yelling?)

Remember: Even the institutionally antisemitic United Nations verified reports of sexual violence on October 7, though they were unbelievably late in doing so.

These crimes are not up for debate now or ever.

The left’s denial of this fact – and the desperate attempts by US officials to normalize Hamas – clearly indicates that there is only one correct side in this conflict.

And they are vehemently supporting the wrong one.

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