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How the American Ruling Class Partners With and Profits From the CCP


In the new Epoch TV series “Over the Target,” hosts Lee Smith and Brandon Fallon talk about the financial ties that exist between the American ruling class elites and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

We often hear talk about the United States challenging or competing with China, while at the same time, exports from the United States to China increased by 40 percent. Host Lee Smith explains how the relationship between the CCP and American political and business elites advances the powers of these two different ruling classes: one an autocracy and the other a want-to-be autocracy stemming from Washington, the east coast, and Silicon valley in America. Smith says that when policymakers talk about competing with or challenging Beijing, they don’t understand that the American ruling class is never going to challenge China because doing so would represent a threat to their own interests. “They depend on Beijing for their wealth, power, and prestige.”

Lee says this relationship originated with Richard Nixons’ trip to China in 1972, that we often refer to as the opening of American relations with China. America had relations with China prior to this, but there was a break after Mao’s takeover of China, and then a reopening of relations once again in 1972. The result of this relationship is the strengthening of ties between the American elite ruling class and CCP elites, while ordinary American voters and manufacturers have paid for this relationship and been hurt the most.

Between business dealings and legislation, there is plenty of proof that the ruling class is not willing to do anything that could cause conflict with China. The virus that caused a worldwide pandemic and killed millions of our own people came from China, and yet the United States participated in the Beijing Olympics and allowed a celebration of the country. Politicians aren’t willing to do anything about China because the Democratic party is structurally the pro-China faction in the American government.

Lee breaks down the particulars of the funding that goes into Democratic party campaigns from Big Tech, Wall Street, and Hollywood. These are all American elites that are dependent in many ways on China. Hollywood sees China as an enormous business opportunity, with 1.4 billion potential consumers for their products. Big Tech sees potential not only to sell their products in China, but more importantly to profit from cheap labor provided by China. Lee says cheap labor and lack of labor laws and regulations is the key to corporate interests. Because the pool of labor in China is under the control of an autocratic regime, corporations understand that they are not subject to the various environmental and workplace regulations that American companies and employees are, or as vulnerable to potential work stoppages, unions, or raising the price of manufacturing. For this reason, many Republicans are also vested in the interests of the CCP because they understand how the relationship benefits their own special interests.

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The Democratic party, along with Hollywood and other prominent corporations, push the woke agenda in order to distract from what they are really doing. The NBA is a good example of this, pushing woke ideology while simultaneously being dependent on China for it’s financial success. The NBA doesn’t want questions about what they are doing in China or how they are taking advantage of the lack of laws in China to abuse labor. Although the people pushing woke ideology are also taking advantage of slave labor and turning a blind eye to a host of human rights violations, they push the ideology in order to deflect from what they are actually up to and put the pressure on America’s voters instead.

Lee says China understands how significant money has become to the democratic world. He also says the regime understand the level of contempt that the American ruling class has for the working class. “This is American contempt for Americans.” When Hillary Clinton called Trump supporters “deplorables,” it revealed the belief held by political elites that they are entitled to rule and dictate how other Americans should live. China capitalized on this hatred and contempt in order to utilize the political elite to destroy the American working and middle classes.

Because of deals made by American legislators, businesses, and universities, the U.S. taxpayer is paying for the education of hundreds of thousands of Chinese students who then take their knowledge back to China. Businessmen, educators, and legislators have rearranged the visa laws to profit themselves while hurting the American people. The people coming from China and utilizing these visas are cheaper to hire, and also facilitate spying. Lee says that hundreds of thousands of visa-holding students from China facilitate espionage. Yet the fundamental issue isn’t the CCP, it is our own ruling class and people who make them powerful. Lee emphasizes that we need to start with our own people, especially the Democratic party.

Big corporations and Hollywood money influence political leaders, who influences policy. Thankfully, the working class people have power as well. They should vote for people who understand this relationship and put legislation in place that will punish and regulate U.S. corporations’ work in China. In doing so, businesses will not profit off China, and this will remove the incentive to associate with China. Lee says that companies should go to jail for utilizing slave labor in China and lose all their money. “It’s easy—regulate it and criminalize it.”

The idea that the United States is competing with China is absurd. The reality is that the United States is handing funds, technology, and education over to China, and we simply need to elect representatives who will stop giving these things away.

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