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If Eric Adams and Kathy Hochul fail to address the deteriorating state of NYC, their legacies will suffer a rapid downfall.

In 1975, during a financial crisis in New York City, President Gerald Ford famously responded to a plea for help by essentially telling the city to “Drop Dead.” This event is reminiscent of President Biden’s recent snub of Governor Hochul when she visited the White House to request federal assistance for the illegal-immigrant crisis in New York. The New York Post described Biden’s response as “Deal With It,” drawing parallels between his behavior and Ford’s. This is not the only reminder of past difficulties New York has faced. In 1993, during a wave of crime, Staten Island experienced a surge in secession fever due to feeling ignored by City Hall. This movement played a crucial role in Republican Rudy Giuliani’s victory over incumbent Democrat David Dinkins in the mayoral election. Now, secession fever is resurfacing in Staten Island as residents protest City Hall’s plan to bus migrants to the island. Republican Rep. Nicole Malliotakis expressed their desire for self-governance. The current state of affairs in New York City and state is drenched with a sense of decline and each new setback feels like the sound of impending doom. Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams seem overwhelmed by the growing crises and their actions often exacerbate the issues, as seen in the migrant situation. The root of the problem lies in President Biden’s policies that have essentially opened the southern border, allowing millions of illegal immigrants, most of them with false asylum claims, into the country. The five boroughs of New York alone are harboring approximately 110,000 newcomers, with 60,000 of them being supported entirely by taxpayers. This is not the only problem plaguing the city, as crime, taxes, and living expenses continue to rise. The Biden administration has even fast-tracked work permits for thousands of migrants who have flooded into the city. The recent legalization of marijuana, with its public usage, is another example of how the government manages to worsen the situation despite its already dire state. The fact that New York City has bounced back from adversity in the past does not guarantee its recovery this time around, especially considering the overall decline of urban areas across the US. While other cities like San Francisco and Chicago suffer from their own problems, the significance of New York as the nation’s largest city and the world’s financial capital cannot be understated. Giuliani and Bloomberg previously led the city out of a crime and poverty crisis, but now, it seems that New York City is following the crowd rather than leading. The acceptance of destructive movements like “defund the police” teaches young people that violence and misconduct are acceptable forms of self-expression. Moreover, the public school system is collapsing, student performance is plummeting, and instead of focusing on these critical issues, the government has made it easier for young people to consume drugs. The exodus of wealthy and middle-class residents to safer and more fiscally responsible states has not been addressed by the government, who instead resort to congestion pricing and punitive taxes. The influx of migrants continues without an end in sight, and Governor Hochul refuses to force a “right to shelter” on every locality in the state to alleviate the burden on New York City. Instead, she increases her criticism of President Biden, though mostly related to his refusal to financially support the consequences of his policies. The agreement between Hochul and Mayor Adams to expedite work permits for migrants serves as no compliment to either of them. This, combined with the shelter requirement in the city, would only invite even more migrants to come to New York City. It’s possible that the future of the city is one where everyone else gives up and leaves, leaving it solely in the hands of migrants. The Intercept, a news outlet claiming to hold the powerful accountable, contradicts itself by appealing for donations to combat Donald Trump, aligning itself with other mainstream media outlets like The New York Times and The Washington Post. Lastly, a reader suggests that the United Nations should practice what it preaches by providing housing, healthcare, and education for migrants on its six-block campus in Turtle Bay, considering its support for open borders and responsibility for the global socialist ideology that contributed to the current situation.

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