It’s Time to Put an End to Joe Biden’s Self-Preservation Tactics for Himself and His Family

The decision made by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to initiate an impeachment inquiry against President Biden has been met with expected backlash from Democrats and their media allies. Some Republican representatives have also expressed concern, but pandering to the opposing party will not benefit them in the long run. It is imperative for Republicans to stand firm and play hardball against a corrupt White House, as that is the role of the opposition party. McCarthy’s choice to pursue an impeachment inquiry is the logical next step in a political and legal investigation process. It is through this inquiry that the American public will finally learn the full truth about the president’s involvement in his family’s corrupt activities.

Attorney General Merrick Garland has shown himself to be a vital cog in the White House’s political machine, going after the GOP’s leading presidential candidate simply because Biden expressed his desire for it. The New York Times reported this in April 2022, revealing Biden’s belief that Donald Trump posed a threat to democracy and should be prosecuted. This information was not directly communicated to Garland, but the Times article effectively conveyed Biden’s message. The subsequent federal indictments against Trump further demonstrate Garland’s willingness to play hardball.

Meanwhile, the same Justice Department has been covering up the crimes committed by Hunter Biden. It was only due to courageous IRS whistleblowers that the prosecutor handling Hunter’s case was forced to reconsider and pursue charges. A federal judge also exposed a concealed immunity agreement and halted the sweetheart deal between Hunter and the Justice Department. Despite the wealth of substantial evidence implicating Joe Biden in corrupt schemes involving foreign businesses that netted his family millions of dollars, the Justice Department has shown zero interest in investigating these allegations.

For instance, an informant alleged as early as 2017 that both Joe and Hunter Biden received a $5 million bribe from the owner of Burisma, a corrupt Ukrainian energy company. This allegation was repeated in 2020, yet no investigation took place. The Delaware prosecutor assigned to the case, who initially wanted to let Hunter Biden go without charges, remains involved, now with an elevated title. This prosecutor, David Weiss, has been promoted to special counsel, enabling him to file charges against Hunter Biden nationwide while conveniently avoiding congressional discussions until after the next election.

These actions by the Justice Department exemplify a double standard, as they tirelessly pursued any rumor linking Donald Trump to collusion with Russia. The public is slowly awakening to the Bidens’ corrupt activities, with a recent CNN poll showing that a majority believes the president was inappropriately involved in his son’s business dealings.

Republican leaders, such as James Comer, recognize the need to address certain unanswered questions before proceeding with an actual impeachment case. Comer has demanded that the State Department release all information regarding the government’s position on the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor. Joe Biden publicly boasted about successfully pressuring Ukraine to fire this prosecutor in exchange for US aid. However, there are concerns regarding the legitimacy of this decision and whether Biden was acting as part of a corrupt scheme.

The White House’s response to these developments has been to dismiss hearings as stunts and label evidence as political talking points. However, signs of their increasing unease are becoming evident. The president has been forced to abandon his long-standing lie that he never discussed his son’s foreign business ventures. The revelation of pictures on Hunter’s laptop showing Joe Biden with his son’s business partners and paymasters contradicts the president’s claims. Former partner Devon Archer’s testimony before Congress, revealing that Joe Biden was involved in business meetings with Hunter and his paymasters, has forced the White House to adjust its defense. Now they claim that there was never a formal agreement or partnership between father and son.

Nervousness within the White House is also evident through the appearance of sympathetic stories in outlets like The New York Times. These stories attempt to portray Joe Biden’s involvement as a result of his love for his son. However, this narrative fails to hold up under scrutiny. Was it love that led Biden to sell the vice presidency to the highest bidder? Is it love when he makes Hunter turn over half his salary, as described in an email? Joe Biden should not be offered any special leniency or pity, and the media’s attempts to cover up the truth are disgraceful. The press corps in Washington should be uncovering scandals, not protecting Democrats.

If McCarthy or any Republicans are intimidated by these attacks, they must develop thicker skin. The closer they get to exposing the truth about Joe Biden, the more vicious the opposition will become. This is the nature of Washington politics, and it is essential to confront it head-on.

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