Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy wants the mob to rule the waterfront

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Is New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy mobbed up? His maneuvers to kill the bi-state Waterfront Commission — a vital anti-mob agency — sure suggest it.

Last week, Gov. Kathy Hochul and Attorney General Letitia James went to the US Supreme Court after his latest move, directing his State Police to take over policing the Jersey ports at month’s end.

“Termination of the Waterfront Commission would cause immediate and irreparable harm to New York State, from increased crime to higher prices to employment inequities,” Hochul noted.

She and James cited their shared duty to stop Murphy’s “unlawful actions.”

As we’ve noted before, the commission is crucial to combating crime and ensuring fair hiring. As it is, a recent news report revealed that over 200 longshoremen, mostly family of top International Longshoremen’s Association officials or mob honchos, earn over $400,000 a year thanks to deals that let them file as working 27 hours a day. One of them is Ralph Gigante, Jr., nephew of late Genovese boss Vincent “The Chin” Gigante.

The commission, in short, has plenty of work left to do. It’s been central to anti-mob prosecutions around the ports, including last year’s conviction of a Gambino capo on fraud and racketeering charges. Murphy’s State Police aren’t up to the job.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy speaks during his budget address in Trenton, N.J.
Murphy’s actions were “unlawful,” according to Hochul and James.
AP/Seth Wenig

Expect the Supremes to slap down Murphy: The federal law creating the commission says it stands unless both states’ legislatures pass laws to shutter it; New York has done no such thing.

The Jersey gov’s pro-Mafia power play is so insane, you have to wonder what the mob has on him.

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