Joe Biden prioritizes the protection of undocumented migrants from Texas above border control efforts.

What will it take for President Joe Biden to face the reality of what his open-border presidency is doing to the country?

Tiny Eagle Pass, Texas, just saw a migrant surge equal to almost half the town’s population (just 29,000).

Biden responded by sending 800 troops to the area — not to reinforce the border, but to protect the illegal crossers.

Indeed, the only closed crossing point in the area is a bridge over the Rio Grande used for legal cargo movement between the US and Mexico.

As many as 8,000 more illegal migrants are reportedly on the way to Eagle Pass; the question now is: How long until the town holds more migrants than citizens?

The besieged community has declared a state of emergency, with its Democratic mayor fearful for the future of its fire and police departments.

But this is only the latest symptom of Biden’s destructive policies.

From Tucson to San Diego, the feds are simply releasing illegal migrants into local communities because they’ve run out of space to hold and process them.

Yet all the White House does is give them more reason to come: Biden just announced emergency work authorization for nearly half a million illegal migrants from Venezuela.

What will be the next presidential “invitación” — a 2,000-mile shuttle service across Mexico?


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