Joe Biden Shows Respect to Xi Jinping at APECS in SF: Letters

The Issue: President Xi Jinping’s visit to San Francisco to meet with President Biden at the APEC summit.

China agreed to slow the export of chemicals crucial to Mexican cartels for making fentanyl, and the United States will lift technology sanctions against China (Xi Jinping warns Biden that US ‘turning back’ on China ‘not an option’,” Nov. 15).

The potential consequences are evident: China gains a better opportunity to steal our technology.

It’s time for us to close our borders and approach the fentanyl crisis as if it’s a war — because that’s exactly what it is.

Biden seems more interested in appeasing Xi and his Chinese associates than addressing the suffering of Americans.

It’s time for the president to show backbone, mourn for our dead and fiercely advocate for the living.

Joanne Norris


I recently caught a glimpse of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to see what they were covering.

Just in time, I witnessed the talking heads gushing over the seemingly wonderful relationship between Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping, patting each other on the back like old pals.

While that may sound great, I couldn’t help but wonder if the panel has ever discussed the CCP National Congress, where Xi smiled as his henchmen forcibly removed his frail, elderly predecessor, Hu Jintao.

Is that the kind of guy Biden wants as a friend?

Frank DeLustro

Port St. Lucie, Fla.

Biden is in desperate need of a foreign policy “win,” leading him to agree to ease sanctions on China and surrender our lead in AI in exchange for Xi’s “promise” to curb Fentanyl production in China.

Instead of giving Xi the keys to San Francisco, he mistakenly gave him the keys to the White House.

Jack Kaufman

Naples, Fla.

The Biden administration’s meeting with Xi on American soil should be viewed as an act of treason.
The root cause of global problems lies in China’s influence. From crude oil to corrupt oligarchies, the Chinese Communist Party’s sinister hand contributes to misery indexes worldwide.

It is imperative to halt the sale of our farmland to Xi Jinping, a bloodthirsty tyrant.

Henry Wilson

Washington, DC

If you’re heading to San Francisco, be sure to bring some Lysol and gloves, as it won’t be a tidy city after Biden and Xi have been there.

So much for Scott McKenzie’s song about bringing flowers in your hair.

This joke of a president could hardly get through his 15-minute rant. It was quite pathetic and, of course, filled with venom.

As Miranda Devine states (“Joe’s sittin’ pitifully,” Nov. 16), whether it’s Bidenomics, lies about the lower costs of health insurance or claiming our democracy is at stake, the Biden theme is to scare the voter away from Donald Trump.

Ron Zajicek


The Issue: Mayor Adams’ proposal to slash funding for the NYPD in the new city budget.

As Mayor Adams updates the city budget, it’s no surprise that the NYPD is facing substantial cuts and defunding (No way, Mr. Mayor: Huge NYPD budget cuts mean disaster AND betrayal of your voters,” Editorial, Nov. 16).

We should not be shocked, as it was only a matter of time before the mayor would jeopardize the future of New York City.

Gene O’Brien


How proudly the Adams administration welcomed bus after bus of illegal immigrants.

The mayor expected his president to help the city shoulder the costs but soon learned that no help was in sight.

City resources have been stretched beyond their capacities.

Adams really needs to buckle down and avoid budget cuts that will only hurt New Yorkers.

Lives will be at stake once safety is not provided to citizens.

Alice Daly


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