John Goodman weight loss proves lefty line on obesity is BS

How did John Goodman lose so much weight?

By (reasonably enough, though it’s way harder than it sounds) changing his exercise and eating habits — a fact that gives the lie to all current lefty rhetoric around obesity.

Obesity is a major problem in the US: Nearly 42% of adults and almost 20% of children qualify as obese. It’s tied to a vast host of health problems, including diabetes, stroke and heart disease

But progressives adamantly insist that pointing out those health consequences at all is somehow stigmatizing.

The increasingly ridiculous American Medical Association even calls it racist, though it’s black and Hispanic Americans who bear the brunt of obesity’s bad consequences. 

This denialism feeds a burgeoning health crisis, which the left wants to address (exploit) via more government intervention. 

Goodman is a rich celebrity, so changing his ways is far easier than it is for an average Joe. 

So is Lizzo, who — like singer Adele and actress Rebel Wilson — insanely had to defend a recent slimdown: So entrenched is the “don’t fat-shame” rule that even taking care of yourself can count as “feeding the stigma.” 

In reality, for once these stars are genuine role models: Showing not only that it’s possible but that maybe — just maybe — developing healthy habits is a good thing.

Insisting otherwise, in the face of all evidence, isn’t “body positivity.” It’s madness.

John Goodman
John Goodman shows that changing your eating and exercise habits can lead to massive weight loss.
Getty Images for AFI

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