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Jordan Peterson facing professional consequences for his stance on transgender issues

Recently, the College of Psychologists in Ontario has ordered clinical psychologist Jordan B. Peterson to undergo “professional coaching” due to his tweets that the college deemed inappropriate for a psychologist. Peterson discusses his situation and explains why he believes it was crucial for him to speak out. He fears that he may lose his license to practice as a clinical psychologist in Ontario due to various charges brought against him by the administrative board tasked with protecting the public from misconduct in his profession. Some of the charges stem from criticisms he made about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Elliot Page’s gender affirmation surgery. Peterson believes it is his professional responsibility to express his opinions, particularly when it comes to issues like forced sterilization and the harms associated with gender affirmation surgeries. He argues that as a psychologist, he is obligated to rely on objective measures and not solely on self-report when diagnosing his clients. Peterson criticizes the increasing acceptance of surgical procedures without considering the potential psychological and physical consequences. He predicts that society will eventually view the gender affirmation movement in the same negative light as lobotomies and eugenics. Peterson is willing to face the consequences of speaking out because he feels a duty to protect those who cannot protect themselves from the harmful actions of surgeons and medical professionals. He calls on his colleagues to end their silence and take a stand against these practices.

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