Justin Trudeau’s low blow, AOC’s idiocy and more

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Diary of disturbing disinformation and dangerous delusions

This statement:

“Conservative Party members . . . stand with people who wave swastikas.”

— Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, responding to Jewish Holocaust-survivor descendant MP Melissa Lantsman’s complaint about his criticisms of protesters in Ottowa, Feb. 16.

We say: Video of the protesters consistently shows them waving Canadian flags, not swastikas, but Trudeau clearly isn’t above trying to smear those who disagree with him. One Canadian journalist called Trudeau’s comment “beneath him,” but coming from a guy who dismissed truckers as racists (yet once wore blackface himself), was Trudeau’s remark really so out of character?

This analysis:

A CNN column called Joe Rogan's past use of the N-word a "January 6 moment."
A CNN column called Joe Rogan’s past use of the N-word a “January 6 moment.”

We say: Oh, please. Jan. 6 wasn’t even a “January 6 moment.” CNN’s John Blake contends that Joe Rogan’s use of the n-word years ago “is arguably just as dangerous as what a mob did when they stormed the US Capitol on January 6.” Sure, to the left, the 2021 Capitol riot was pretty much the worst event in US history. (Think: 9/11, Dec. 7, 1941, Black Thursday, the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, JFK.) And, OK, it was ugly. But at bottom, the Capitol riot amounted to a few hundred nutcases trespassing in a demented bid to stop Joe Biden from becoming president. A podcaster’s use of the n-word several years ago doesn’t even come close to that. No wonder CNN later changed the story’s headline (though it left up the rest of its “analysis”).

This claim:

“The last 22 years now rank as the driest . . .  period [in southwestern North America] since at least 800 AD, with human emissions of greenhouse gases accounting for about 42% of the drought’s severity.”

— Axios, Feb. 14

We say: There’s just no end to climate alarmism. Yes, greenhouse gases are suspected as a key cause of rising global temps, which may fuel droughts. But Axios’ story and the study in Nature Climate Change it’s based on focus on only one part of the Earth, theorize about just 1,200 years of climate history (for a planet that’s 4.5 billion years old) and depend on computer models to blame 42% of the “drought’s severity” on man-made causes. They have no real “control,” i.e., no “duplicate Earth” that lacks greenhouse gases to use for comparison. So how in the world can anyone be sure of the extent of those gases’ impact on rainfall?  

This statement:

“The child-tax credit just ran out on Dec. 31, and now people are stealing baby formula.”

— Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in The New Yorker, Feb. 14

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed that people are stealing baby formula because the child tax credit expired.
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed that people are stealing baby formula because the child tax credit expired.
Bob Daemmrich/ZUMA Press Wire

We say: AOC just never runs out of idiotic things to say. As The Post reported, baby-formula theft became a nationwide scourge years ago, long before the child-tax credit was expanded during the pandemic. And the rise in crime goes well beyond baby-formula theft: Murders in the city last year were up 53% over 2019. At least AOC finally sees crime as a problem; in June, she dismissed it as mere “hysteria.”

This story:

A CBC article said the truck convoy protesters calls for freedom is racist.
A CBC article suggests the truck-convoy protesters’ calls for freedom is a means to reject equality.
NY Post composite / istock/ Getty Images

“[The] concept of freedom can be used to reject equality.”

— A Canadian Broadcasting Corporation story about protesting truckers and right-wing groups using the word “freedom” as a rallying cry, Feb. 13

We say: As the Trudeau government cracks down on protests, the CBC is bizarrely suggesting the protesters’ cry for freedom is really some sort of right-wing code word for racism: “On the far right, [individual freedom] is often translated into somebody who refuses to be bound by norms of equality, treating all people equally or norms to remedy inequality, whether that’s trying to remedy racial discrimination or gender discrimination,” one “expert” is quoted. Where on earth do they come up with these ideas?

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