Lawsuit filed against Meathead Movers by EEOC alleges discrimination against seniors for manual labor duties

Uncle Sam wants YOU . . . to hire grandpa as a piano-lugger. 

Or else

That’s the latest madness from the federal government’s woke bowels: an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission lawsuit against Fresno-based Meathead Movers after the company refused to comply with a demand for a $15 million settlement. 

Meathead’s crime? 

“Discouragement bias,” i.e. the claim that hiring student athletes of both genders in tip-top shape as movers and touting that fact in ads somehow discourages older people from applying for jobs. 

First: Are AARP members really queuing up to get gigs as movers? 

We understand that Bidenomics has ruined a lot of people’s retirements, but that seems . . . dubious. 

Especially since the lawsuit isn’t even based on a specific complaint. 

Not one, when the EEOC saw 70,000-plus workplace-discrimination complaints last year alone.

In other words, the feds “discovered” some nonexistent violation of employment law and then went to the mattresses with a moving firm, initially demanding the eight-figure settlement (with whom, exactly? All the people who didn’t complain?) before dropping to a more “reasonable” figure close to $5 million.  

Meathead even made a good-faith counteroffer in the face of this blatant extortion; the EEOC refused to take it and later filed suit. 

And while Meathead has insanely been on fed radar since 2017, the big push here clearly comes from Charlotte Burrows, President Biden’s pick to head EEOC.

She’s a congenital wokist who has vowed to crack down on age discrimination.   

Even, it seems, where none exists. 

A moving company using pics of ripped young employees in ads doesn’t discourage older people from trying to work there — it’s a sales technique, and it’s clearly effective. 

And there’s zero hiring discrimination: “We are 100% open to hiring anyone at any age if they can do the job,” as the company’s head put it. 

Indeed, we suspect game legs and twingey lower backs are the real discouragement for mature folks here.

Yet to our out-of-control feds, this thriving and socially valuable firm is just an opportunity for blackmail: Nice small business you got there, be a shame if something happened to it. 

Progressives are wielding all the resources of our federal government to bend us into woke submission.

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