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Leaders in the US should be mentally and physically fit to serve their country

Over the past few weeks, there have been two concerning incidents involving aging politicians that received media attention. In the first instance, the president expressed the need for additional funding for vaccine research, but it was unclear whether he was referring to COVID-19 vaccines or a new MRNA booster. Regardless, his statement lacked clarity and did not inspire confidence in the public. The release of the president’s National COVID-19 Preparedness Plan, which focused on preventive tools, treatments, and vaccines, was also met with skepticism due to his previous emphasis on restrictions rather than personal choices.

Simultaneously, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell experienced a brain freeze during a speech, with his eye deviating to the right. Experts have speculated that these episodes could be indicative of a seizure or related to Parkinson’s disease. McConnell received medical attention and was cleared to return to work, but the question remains as to whether he should step down considering his impaired condition. Similar concerns have been raised about Senator Dianne Feinstein’s apparent dementia and Senator John Fetterman’s residual impairment from depression and a stroke. The public deserves leaders who are fit to serve.

The president plays a crucial role in representing the country to the world, and when they are unfit, it negatively impacts the nation. History has shown instances where unfit presidents have influenced significant events, such as President Woodrow Wilson negotiating the Treaty of Versailles while suffering from hallucinations and extreme fatigue. It is crucial that we learn from these past mistakes.

Unfortunately, transparency regarding the current president is lacking. President Biden’s episodes of disorientation and cognitive mistakes are dismissed as “gaffes,” while his condition appears to be deteriorating. Concerns have been raised about his mobility issues, which may be connected to fluid on the brain or vascular problems. However, age should not be the sole focus; mental acuity and fitness are more significant considerations. It’s essential to separate the individual from their running mate, as a vote for one should not automatically mean a vote for the other.

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