Letters reveal marijuana problem in NYC schools

The Issue: City teachers’ claims that students are showing up to school high on marijuana.

It is not surprising that New York students are arriving to school high — and only part of the problem is easy access to the drug (“Weed and write,” Sept. 26).

The No. 2 cause of death among teens is suicide. For teenagers, there is an unprecedented rise in adolescent depression and anxiety.

The migrants who are flooding this city are costing us billions. We should be spending this money on helping our youth with the issues that are causing them to use marijuana and other substances before it is too late.

Martin Garfinkle

Staten Island

Did the geniuses who decriminalized weed really think that only adults over 21 were going to get high?

As an aside: Hats off to the student who wants to go to trade school and become a plumber. My plumber gets $195 an hour. I nominate that student for valedictorian.

J.J. Levine

Miami Beach, Fla.

I read The Post’s article on Monday that states teachers are concerned with kids smoking marijuana before coming to school. They have a reason to be concerned because children will not learn anything being high on drugs.

I see this every day walking through my neighborhood in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Illegal smoke shops give these school kids access to drugs easily.

I see them when the weather is nice outside in Lafayette Park, smoking drugs inside the park and on benches around the outside of the park before school starts in the morning, then usually around 3 p.m.

The park is located across the street from the old Lafayette HS. John Dewey HS is no better, so the Department of Education should get together with the NYPD to create a plan of action to combat this problem.

Joseph Comperchio


Thank you to The Post for exposing the blatant pot smoking around city high schools.

The “high on education” students at Grover Cleveland HS meet across the street every day in the Grover Cleveland Park restrooms.

Matthew Meagher


As a school volunteer, it amazes me that city officials would somehow think that legalizing marijuana would not have a negative impact.

It appears that they were completely blinded by the revenue projections and ignored decades of data showing the dangers of smoking weed, such as lack of concentration and memory loss, which would affect students’ learning skills in schools.

It seems like a targeted effort to exploit children’s emotional conditions to put cannabis stores within walking distance of schools.

This is what happens when a social agenda is implemented in the name of free expression.

Some use the lie that smoking weed reduces anxiety in teenagers, but healthy dieting and exercising have proven to be excellent treatments for that condition.

I hope they realize that we are creating a new generation of drug addicts.

Greg Raleigh

Washington, D.C.

What a surprise: Kids are smoking weed before, during and after school.

What were these politicians thinking when they made the laws that lessen penalties on drugs?

Let’s see: You shouldn’t smoke cigarettes or use flavored vapes because they are dangerous to your health, but weed? No problem.

Do any of these dimwits think before they vote? Or do they just vote on anything that will destroy our society, so they can take advantage of their constituents?

Please consider the people you vote for. Voting party line doesn’t seem to help those in New York. Just look around.

Philip Vallone


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