Letters Show Joe Biden’s Pandering to UAW Union

The Issue: President Biden picketing with striking United Auto Workers members in Michigan.

President Biden’s decision to join the United Auto Workers picket line is as phony as a show of support can get (“He’s Joe Hardhat for 12 minutes,” Sept. 27)

It’s like a firefighter starting a fire, then coming back to look like a hero by saving lives.

The strike is due, at least in part, to inflation caused by Biden’s policies. The same amount of money that supported these workers before Biden’s destruction of our economy no longer allows some of them to make ends meet.

From Day 1, Biden seemed bent on reversing all of former President Donald Trump’s policies, regardless of how destructive the outcome may have been.

He has apparently done such a good job of it that he has also reversed all the prosperity Trump has created. I fail to understand why anyone would even think of voting for Biden.

Josh Greenberger


Since when is it the job of the president of the United States to join a picket line of striking auto workers?

He didn’t rush to Hawaii to comfort the victims of the wildfires, but he wasted no time in supporting the strikers.

Clearly he is pandering for votes. He’s a disgrace to our once-great nation.

Melanie Coronetz


As a lifelong union member (recently retired), I’d say President Biden exhibits none of the qualities that my union member brothers and sisters share.

We love our country first and foremost. We don’t sell out to the highest bidder. We love and protect and provide for our families. We have each other’s back and support each other.

What I found particularly disheartening was how President Biden did not attend the major 9/11 anniversary ceremonies.

I may remind him, there were countless union members who lost their lives there. There are many union members who got sick in the aftermath and died. Many are still sick and dying.

I hope UAW members get a great contract, but I don’t want to see a president taking credit for something he has zero hand in.

Steven Cassidy

Franklin Square

I’m neither pro-union nor pro-management, just an impartial observer with absolutely no skin in the game.

However, Biden hasn’t done such a fantastic job managing our economy. Actually, he’s done an awful job.

So perhaps he should butt out of the UAW negotiations and let the collective-bargaining process work itself out.

R.A. Lessin

Staten Island

The Issue: An internal memo warning that the NYPD’s counterterrorism unit could be cut by up to 75%.

Just because there has been no recent terror activity does not mean that vigilance (and the associated costs) should be lowered (“Terror cops on notice,” Sept. 22).

Also, announcing the possible cuts to the counterterror unit is a green light to terrorists.

Think about it: What would happen if The Post announced that tonight at 8:00 p.m. there would be a citywide blackout lasting until Monday morning?

I can guarantee that hundreds, if not thousands, of people would be readying themselves for a looting spree.

Reducing the terror unit budget would be a catastrophic mistake, and it will cost this city dearly at some point.

Robert Mruczek


Let’s see now: We have open borders, and anyone can come in. How many of those people might be planning the next 9/11?

So what does our city do? It announces a potential 75% cut to our NYPD counterterrorism unit. What a bizarro world.

Phil MacDonald


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