Letters to the Editor — April 4, 2023

The Issue: Democratic leaders’ response to former President Donald Trump’s indictment.

So Rep. Nancy Pelosi said: “Everyone has a right to a trial to prove innocence” (“Pelosi’s ‘innocent’ mistake,” April 1).

In the American judicial system, you are innocent until proven guilty by a jury or judge trial.

In fact, as a defendant, you don’t even have to put on a defense. You could do nothing and let the state or local jurisdiction present their case against you. And if they don’t prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, you’re not guilty.

Thomas E. Bregenzer

Lake Ariel, Pa.

Pelosi and other Democrats responded to news of Trump’s indictment with tedious pieties about how “no one is above the law.” Can they explain why that principle has failed when it comes to Hunter Biden?

He has not been arrested or indicted for drug offenses, despite his laptop showing clear and unambiguous video evidence of him abusing narcotics.

It seems that you can indeed dismiss the law when you’re a Democrat with powerful connections.

Robert Frazer

Lancashire, UK

The new slogan from Pelosi is: “No one is above the law, and everyone has the right to a trial to prove their innocence.”

This is the Democrats’ rewriting of our laws and the Constitution.

Robert Neglia

The Bronx

Michael Goodwin said it all in his column (“Brawls in your court, Dems,” March 2).

The Dems have let slip again how they view this country and will keep shaping it until it is actually a banana republic.

The former speaker of the House tweeted that Trump will need to prove his innocence.

Presumption of innocence is no longer held as a right in the leftist reality that this country is being pushed toward. This should scare the hell out of everyone — left, right and center.

I can’t believe how important our next election is. We are in the fight of our lives, and this sham indictment shows it.

I am praying for our country on a daily basis because I don’t want 250 years of the greatest experiment to end.

James Schwartz

Summit, NJ

Since the Manhattan grand jury voted to indict Trump, every Democrat has been parroting the same mind-numbing mantra: “No one is above the law.”

If they truly believe that, which I doubt, then Hillary Clinton should have been held accountable after destroying over 30,000 e-mails on a private server that was in her office in her home in Chappaqua.

Having that unprotected server and doing State Department business and correspondence on it was against the law and against the State Department’s policy handbook — and she did it anyway.

Yet she was not even charged for that infraction. And you know why she did that?

Because Hillary Clinton believes that she is above the law. “No one is above the law” — including all of you.

Peter Gryzmolowicz

Orleans, Mass.

In response to Pelosi’s statement about Trump, i.e., that he has the opportunity to “prove his innocence”: As far as I know, it’s the other way around. You’re innocent until proven guilty.

The way I see it, neither Pelosi nor Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg knows what the hell is in the Constitution.

Hateful Democrats in New York City, those Hillary Clinton die-hards, will do their best to stir up trouble and blame MAGA people.

George Pfeiffer

East Haven, Conn.

The question for Sen. Chuck Schumer, in response to his comment that Trump is “subject to the same laws as every American,” is: Then what about the criminals whose charges Bragg has reduced or dropped, including many repeat or violent offenders? Are they above the law?

Why are violent, looting, destructive Black Lives Matter protesters above the law?

Love or hate Trump, this is abuse of power for the purposes of political persecution, and every citizen should be concerned with Bragg’s Gestapo tactics.

S.L. Chute


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