Letters to the Editor — April 7, 2022

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The Issue: Mayor Adams’ placement of billboards in Florida encouraging residents to move to New York.

Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education bill (“Mayor Adams promotes LGBTQ NY in opposition to Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law,” April 4).

Irate at losing the ability to indoctrinate children as early as possible, progressives perfidiously labeled it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

Mayor Adams, not busy enough with a city in shambles, offers residency to Floridians, with the freedom “to say whatever you want.”

Maybe DeSantis, in the spirit of reciprocity, can recruit New Yorkers, promising them freedom from a bag of feces in the face or being pushed in front of a subway train. He just needs a catchy name for our “No Money Bail Act.”

Joe Schulok
The Bronx

So Adams is wasting taxpayer money trying to lure Floridians to New York with promises of free speech, tolerance and diversity.

He conveniently omitted the additional benefit — the possibility of being shot, stabbed, slashed, raped, murdered or shoved in front of a train.

Not to mention random assaults by deranged homeless people and sky-high taxes. No sane person would ever leave Florida for this terrible place.

Ken Rosen

Screengrab of Eric Adams new campaign.
The city said that the new campaign is making a direct call to Floridians who are under attack.
City of New York

The mayor has indeed taken a strong stand against Florida’s new law on sex discussions for children in the 3rd grade and below.

Adams is going to install digital billboards in half a dozen Florida spots, urging residents to move to New York City. (I hope they go!)

But what does his city have to offer?

New York crime is now rampant: shootings, stabbings, murders, muggings, rapes, attackers on the subway, streets, etc.

Other facts to consider: Tax rates in New York are the highest in the nation. Florida has some of the lowest. New York has lost residents. Florida gained residents.

Special accolades to Gov. DeSantis, who had the “courage of his convictions” to sign off on this needed new bill.

Ernest Fogg
Fort Myers, Fla.

Whoa. Adams is really hitting back at Florida with his billboards.

There’s rampant crime, poor educational results, residents fleeing the city and state, workers fearful of returning to work in Manhattan thanks to of street crime and all Adams has is a billboard in another state?

The Florida bill says nothing even remotely related to “Don’t Say Gay.” If the residents of New York prefer to have their K-3rd grade students learn about gay, trans and queer lifestyles, have at it. No one is holding them back.

But in Florida, our governor and elected representatives have decided that is the purview of the child’s parents, not an educator, to address these topics.

Mayor Adams, you are deflecting because you have got nothing and no idea on how to fix your city’s problems. Fix your own problems before you throw stones.

John Kall
Jacksonville, Fla.

Mayor Adams seems to have broad ambitions beyond New York City. Putting his nose into Florida politics and sponsoring billboards in that state is presumptuous at best.

He needs to put his nose to the grindstone here and focus on crime. His first three months have produced nothing so far.

My hunch is that he will never accept any blame by virtue of his personality. Guns will be blamed on the pipeline, etc. His latest faux pas is giving a COVID-vax free pass to athletes, while firing critical city workers.

He’s all over the place like a whirling dervish. My advice to him is to do the job you were hired to do by the people.

Phil Serpico

Adams is wasting tax dollars on signs and advertising in Florida, encouraging those who disagree with Florida’s new gender-education law to move to New York.

Come on up for high taxes, a state income tax, near $5-per-gallon gas, cold weather, out-of-control real-estate prices and the possibility you will be shot or beaten up while walking down the street. Yup. Sign me up for that.

Joe Alloy
Wayne, NJ

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