Letters to the Editor — April 8, 2022

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The Issue: A city attorney who was told she was fired after confronting Mayor Adams about masking kids.

We’ve reached quite a low point in our country (“[Don’t] say it to his face!” April 4). A mother, Daniela Jampel, was fired for defending children.

Mayor Adams has accomplished the impossible. He’s made Mayor Bill de Blasio look competent and ethical.

He says he’s following the science by keeping toddlers in masks. What science? This man is a grandstanding menace.

Ken McCarthy

This is exactly where Adams should stand up and show that he’s the “people’s mayor” instead of just another bloviating politician.

This woman confronted him during another of his countless pontifications out of sheer frustration with New York City’s mask edicts.

The timing of her firing is indeed suspicious, and Adams should have that department’s decision immediately and independently reviewed. It smacks of retribution, no matter how bureaucrats spin it. If it’s legitimate, then her HR file will offer dated and signed documentation.

It’s ironic that whenever it suits the left’s agenda, politicians can be accosted and intimidated up close and personal in elevators, while dining, in parking garages, etc. without consequence.

Vincent Ruggiero
Scottsdale, Ariz.

The firing of a city worker for speaking out is just one more example of how Democrats refuse to listen to their constituents and abandon their draconian government overreach policies.

This whole mask mandate policy is just one more way the Democrats can exercise control over kids to show them that government, and not their parents, are in control of their young lives.

Those of you who think Adams is going to fundamentally change our city for the better shouldn’t get your hopes up.

He is just another Democratic hack who won’t abandon the continued failed policies of the progressive left that have a stranglehold on his party.

Michael D’Auria

More proof that this mayor is not up to the task of cleaning up this once-great city — he now is a liar on top of everything.

He said masks were coming off kids under 5 on April 4 if numbers remained low. Well, they did — and he went back on his word. The tots are the least affected by COVID, but they have to keep the masks on.

Meanwhile, crime and gun violence are through the roof, and it’s getting worse, not better.

Lance Lovejoy

President Joe Biden
President Joe Biden previously blamed Vladimir Putin’s invasion on Ukraine for rising gas prices.
AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

The Issue: A San Francisco Fed study showing President Biden’s policies contributed to inflation.

Democrats continue to make up excuses for skyrocketing gas and energy prices to no avail (“It’s Biden’s Price Hike,” Editorial, April 5).

It’s crystal clear that the current situation is the result of initiatives driven by the White House.

A “healthy” combination of undermining the US oil industry and pumping more money into an economy that doesn’t need it has been the catalyst for where we now find ourselves.

This has been well over a year in the making, and efforts to blame corporate greed and Vladimir Putin as the drivers are becoming old and tired.

Peter Kelly
Hazlet, NJ

Is President Biden hoping to raise his approval ratings to the levels of Presidents Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter? After all, they tried price controls and look what it did for them!

I can only remember the observation of P.J. O’Rourke: “When politicians are in charge of how things are bought and sold, the first things to be bought and sold are politicians.”

Rick Collarini
Covington, La.

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