Letters to the Editor — April 9, 2022

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The Issue: Reports and photos of mass graves of executed civilians in Bucha, Ukraine.

Reports out of Bucha in Ukraine suggest a level of carnage unheard of in modern times being ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin (“ ‘This is genocide,’ ” April 4).

Putin’s Russia is a bankrupt gas station run by a mafia that prefers to spend its time and money in London and New York, not on the killing fields of Bucha.

The president of Ukraine is not afraid of Russian tanks, but of Western weakness.

The West fell asleep when the Cold War ended. Ukrainians are now sacrificing everything to shake Biden awake.

Ron Spurga

So the Russians are denying the atrocities committed in cities they have occupied, just as they have denied poisoning their political enemies, having a domestic airliner shot down by their criminal friends with one of their missiles and that they were about to attack Ukraine. And the list goes on.

I submit that Russia under Putin is not a country but a criminal enterprise, operated by a criminal. No other country in a civilized world has any business dealing with them or their supporters in China. Wake up, America. Before it is too late.

G. Keller

Back in 2020 during the presidential campaign, President Biden told the people that Putin was bullying President Donald Trump, and that he would stand up to him.

Somewhere behind closed doors, Putin must have been having a good laugh while praying for a Biden victory.

America is standing by while innocent civilians, including women and children, are being raped and murdered as Biden continues to ignore the desperate pleas of courageous Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for military aircraft that could drive Russia out of his country.

President Joe BIden
President Joe Biden has been criticized for not delivering immediate military aid to Ukrainian forces.
Michael Brochstein/SOPA Images/Shutterstock

Biden is too timid to stand up to the wrath of a Russian president.

And as the Russian war crimes continue, he has taken the cowardly approach of anemic sanctions that seem to have little effect on the barbarous Putin.

Nicholas Maffei

It is almost inconceivable that the same country whose army liberated Auschwitz and bore witness to the Nazi Holocaust would themselves be guilty of the same unspeakable atrocities.

Yet we have witnessed the mass graves of Ukrainian men, women and children massacred by the invading Russian army in real time.

What is equally inconceivable and unforgivable is that a Western “civilized” country, having sworn since World War II “never again” to the horrors of the Holocaust, should now refuse to supply the MiG jets that Ukraine desperately needs to fight for its survival.

Jack Kaufman
Naples, Fla.

Biden and the free world must confront and defeat this despicable war criminal and hold him accountable for his murderous actions in Ukraine.

If Putin continues to use the nuclear threat, then the free world must call his bluff.

This lowlife thug must understand that we will annihilate Russia and the pathetic oligarchs that support him. The mutually assured destruction doctrine is obsolete. The free world is strong. Russia is weak.

Putin is lashing out because he is a weakling with a serious Napoleon complex. The Russians are pre-determined losers.

Biden, and leaders of free nations everywhere: No appeasement. Whip this pathetic, murderous cretin now.

George Gastrinakis
Jersey City, NJ

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Post Readers argue the Biden administration must help Ukraine put an end to Vladimir Putin’s invasion.
Sputnik/Mikhail Klimentyev/Kremlin via REUTERS

The photos of the slaughter of civilians in Ukraine are heart-wrenching to look at.

While these heroic people lay down their lives in the fight for freedom, our president stumbles his way through press conferences, bragging about the patriotism of the Ukrainians but offering no real help.

The contrast in leadership between Biden and Zelensky is a stark reminder that elections have consequences.

Robert Mangi

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