Letters to the Editor — Aug. 8, 2023

The Issue: A riot in Union Square on Friday after an influencer announced a giveaway of gaming consoles.

The riot in Union Square that happened because spoiled individuals could not get free merchandise is a reflection of our society (“Parks and wreck,” Aug. 7).

They came for free merchandise, but there was only a limited amount. Instead of acting like mature adults, they rioted. Not only did they riot, there were attacks on policemen. This idea that if you do not get what you want you riot is becoming a part of American society, unfortunately.

Alan Podhaizer


Mayor Adams finally said something I agree with after the riot in Union Square on Friday: Where are the parents of these kids?

I recall during the Freddy Gray riots in Baltimore, there was a mother who went and found her son and took her son away from the chaos.

Parents need to know where their kids are and who they are with, and not just at 10 p.m. anymore.

If they did, something like this wouldn’t happen. You’re never off the clock from being a parent.

Rob Cerone


The mostly young people and teenagers who descended on Union Square last Friday for an Internet star’s free electronic giveaway assaulted NYPD officers, destroyed public property and hurt themselves running wild in the street for a few hours, taunting the police.

Many of them are still wanted by police and more than 60 were arrested. Parents should be extremely concerned because things could have been worse. Still, how do parents not know that their kids are going to such an event?

If parents are OK with this, then it is bad parenting, as the mayor says. Usually I don’t agree with how he’s handled the city since in office, but he is absolutely correct on this matter.

If you see your kids on the news footage, then it’s about time to sit down to have a serious talk with them. It’s time for punishment.

Had I done anything like this and been caught by the police or been on the news, the punishment would have been severe.

Joseph Comperchio


The Union Square riot is significant in the fact that it proves “progressivism” has failed.

The rioters were angry, immoral and selfish youths with no discipline or respect for anyone or anything. This wasn’t a civil-rights event. It led to chaos and destruction.

How long until New York City reaches a settlement and pays out those rioters who were arrested?

Brian Sullivan

Rockaway Park

The youthful rabble that ran roughshod over Union Square Park — trashing private property and police vehicles and spewing obscenities at police — provided an important lesson.

We are all now subject to spontaneous, group attacks from nihilistic numbskulls within our society, and the sooner we take preemptive measures to thwart such threats and affronts, the better chance we have of living normal lives.

Charles Winokoor

Fall River, Mass.

This was not a demonstration motivated by politics or racial discord. It was senseless destructive hooliganism with no regard to the health and welfare of others or their private property.

There was no respect for authority. It is a glimpse into the society we now live in and should alarm everyone.

Parents, teachers, politicians and extremists all share in the blame. And let’s not let clueless prosecutors off the hook.

We must all look at ourselves to see how we can make our society a little gentler and kinder, and one in which we also take responsibility for our actions.

Mel Young


Influencer Kai Cenat lured thousands of youths to Union Square with promises of free PlayStations.

The chaos resulted in injured police, overturned cars, looted stores, terrified pedestrians and cancellation of public transportation.

This was disaffected youth in search of free stuff tearing down symbols of authority. Is this chaos our new normal?

Ron Spurga


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