Letters to the Editor — Dec. 11, 2021

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The Issue: Jussie Smollett’s conviction this week for staging a fake hate crime in 2019.

Jussie Smollett’s hate-assault allegation was rife with deception from the outset (“Jusstice,” Dec. 10).

It is truly bewildering how he could assert such a preposterous set of circumstances surrounding his fabricated assault.

What exacerbates the gravity of his crimes is the squandering of critical police manpower in all the hours allocated to investigate this charade in a city that is ravaged by crime.

His failure to demonstrate any remorse is indicative of his woefully flawed character.

The fact that he produced and acted out this ruse shows that his occupational skills are devoid of any authenticity as well.

Denis David
East Rockaway

More than enough will be said of the Smollett verdict. However, I personally need to sound off now — as did our esteemed Vice President Harris who, soon after the “assault,” stated that the attack on Smollet was “a modern-day lynching.”

Anyone without bias could readily see that the allegations by our alleged “victim” were a total sham.

Ralph Manente

So after nearly three years, the fraudster has been found guilty. The jury did its job.

Smollett proved himself guilty. Most of us knew this all the time.

Without even knowing or caring about the facts of the case, the media fanned the flames to get better ratings and advance their own careers.

To hell with real journalism and their duty to report just the facts to the American people.

Smollett could care less about the damage that he has done. He should have to publicly apologize to the people of this country for knowingly spewing hatred and selling a fabricated story.

Besides division and victimization, the Democratic Party has absolutely nothing else to stand for.

Matthew Galcik

The jury followed the evidence and came back with the only verdict that was right for this case.

Politicians like President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Mayor de Blasio and others still have not learned to keep their mouths shut until all of the evidence is in. We don’t need them out there fanning the flames and making matters worse.

My congratulations to the jury in this case.

Pete Calogero
Red Hook

I am happy that Smollett was convicted for attempting to use the criminal-justice system for his own personal purposes.

It shows no matter what your political ideology, everybody is equal under the law in America. The same goes for the verdicts in the Kyle Rittenhouse and George Floyd cases.

Despite the attempts to make the cases political issues, the juries followed the law in reaching the verdicts.

Alan Podhaizer

Well, Smollett will finally receive the justice he deserves for setting up a hoax.

After all the rantings and ravings by the left that most Americans are white supremacists and the justice system was racist, the facts spoke the truth and a jury decided appropriately.

This is the second time in a month that facts, not outright lies and false claims of racism, convinced a jury of 12 citizens as to whether a defendant was guilty or not.

It is time for these socialist to come to their senses and realize that we Americans are not racist, but live our everyday lives as one community, no matter what the color of our skin is.

Richard A. Ketay
Newark, NJ

If I were to judge a person guilty based on nothing other than their race or their sexuality, I would rightly condemned as a bigoted person.

Similarly, if I were to judge a person innocent based on nothing other than their race or their sexuality, I would rightly be condemned as a bigoted person.

Everyone who came forward and defended Jussie based on nothing other than his skin color and his sexuality have shown themselves to be the true bigots.

John Dumary

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