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Letters to the Editor — Jan. 22, 2023

‘Spare’ danger

The “Spare” book could be Prince Harry’s downfall (“Spare parts & bits,” Jan. 16).

Washing your dirty laundry in public is always fraught with danger. The media, once you hand them some bait, will want the entire catch, stripping you of any personal aspect of your life in a feeding frenzy.

Once you have given it all, just what have you left to sell? The revelations have amazed, and now it seems repulsed, America almost in equal measure.Will Meghan, once she has made Harry a penniless, empty shell, stick around? We will see, won’t we?

M. Hilder

Weymouth, UK

‘Cursed’ nonsense

Shye Lee believes that being pretty is more curse than privilege (“ ‘It’s more of a curse,’ ” Jan. 18).

Yet millions of pretty girls parlay that into scoring free drinks, clothing, jewelry, trips and much more. Some even leverage their beauty into multi-million-follower social-media accounts and “brands” based on nothing more than their looks. Seems to be more like the proverbial golden ticket than a curse.

For the few people who do not take them seriously, as per Shye Lee, thousands more are clicking “like” at their every social-media post, which translates into social-media revenue and other financial opportunities for the supposedly “cursed” beauties.

Robert Mruczek


Teachers’ plight

Let’s get past the bad optics of The Post’s rubber-room story (“DOE pushes ‘shirk’ from home,” Jan. 15).

The educators are not refusing to do work. The system is disrespecting them by not providing it. The educators are not evading responsibility. The system is denying them the earned privilege of being entrusted with it.

The educators have not been found guilty of anything. They still have the right of due process, no more and no less than everybody else.

This sacred protection should not be viewed as an empty, obstructionist technicality.

The speed of case resolution has been accelerated and expedited since the peak of the Temporary Reassignment Center crisis of a dozen years ago.

These educators should not be presumed guilty. Those who are proven to be should be dealt with accordingly, and those who are not must be “made whole.” No individual or organizational advocate resists or is opposed to genuine accountability. Let’s not draft educators into a democracy-shaming game of political football. Let’s not rush to judgment, whether for better or worse.

Ron Isaac

Fresh Meadows

Anti-Israel idiocy

The “pro-Palestinianism” of these University of Michigan students will do nothing to improve the lot of the people living under the administration of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (“University of Michigan protesters call for ‘Intifada,’ demise of Israel,” Jan. 14).

Leaders of both have betrayed their people’s trust and long overstayed their elected terms while enriching themselves with money donated for the people’s benefit and diverting humanitarian aid to efforts to destroy and delegitimize Israel.

Hamas fires missiles at Israeli population centers from Gazan population centers, a double war crime. The PA urges Palestinians to attack and kill Jews.

Yet Palestinian leaders claim that Israel is preventing the establishment of a Palestinian state, while Palestinian leaders have turned down every Israeli and US proposal for that state.

The problem: Israel has the temerity to insist that the Palestinian state must co-exist peacefully with the nation-state of the Jews.

Toby F. Block

Atlanta, Ga.

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