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Letters to the Editor — Jan. 28, 2022

The Issue: State leaders’ rejection of Mayor Adams’ proposed changes to NY’s Raise the Age and bail laws.

I find it utterly deplorable and totally irresponsible of Democratic state Sen. Andrea Stewart-Cousins and Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie to oppose Mayor Adams’ plan to amend bail-reform laws (“Hizzoner hits ‘blue’ wall,” Jan. 26).

Are they living under a rock? Are they not aware that judges are handcuffed and cannot prevent criminals from going right back out onto the streets to commit more crimes? Criminals know this and are laughing at the police as they are hauled in.

Do Stewart-Cousins and Heastie genuinely prefer a revolving-door policy, which benefits criminals and endangers society? I thought their job was to serve the law-abiding citizens of New York, not protect thugs. They are both disgraceful.

Bert Wedemeyer


We have a huge problem here in New York: It’s the voters. The people who voted for Stewart-Cousins, Heastie and everyone in between.

People need to take a good, hard look in the mirror and ask why they voted for people who do not value life in any way, shape or form.

How anyone can justify the usefulness of bail reform, given the amount of violence and the number of repeat offenders who are wreaking havoc in our communities?

Every single person who voted for these progressive Democrats and believes they are part of a sweeping moral reform is kidding themselves.

Theresa O’Brien


In recent weeks, attentive and interested New Yorkers have been shocked by terrible cop killings, senseless acts of lethal subway violence, declarations by a “woke” district attorney that he won’t prosecute certain crimes and an epidemic of brazen daytime shoplifting.

We also see the arrogant unwillingness of Heastie and Stewart-Cousins to consider modification of the criminal-justice laws that brought on this plague of criminality.

Hardworking, tax-paying citizens did not sign up for this. Increasingly our governance is affected by a marriage of ideology and opportunism. This is not healthy, nor is it politics as usual.

Stanley Rubin

Fresh Meadows

While I applaud Adams’ efforts to get a handle on the violent crime surge, he won’t succeed unless our bail laws are dramatically changed.

If they’re not, it will continue to be open season on women and Asians in the subway, and cops will continue to be murdered.

The bail-reform law needs to be repealed, not merely tweaked. Moreover, New York judges need the discretion to set bail on a defendant who is a danger to the public.

I fear that neither of these changes will ever be approved by the Democratic-controlled legislature or our governor.

As long as New Yorkers continue to send Democrats to Albany, the mayhem will continue.

Kenneth Fitzgerald


Sen. Stewart-Cousins rejected Adams’ proposed changes to the Raise the Age and bail laws because they would disproportionately affect “black, brown and poor defendants.”

If those groups are breaking the law, then they should be held accountable to the full extent of the law. Race or finances should not be a factor.

A 16- or 17-year-old is old enough to know right from wrong, and therefore old enough to be held to the law and the consequences of their actions.

Mayor Adams needs all the help he can get. Help him save our city!

John Rossano


What are the voters in The Bronx and lower Westchester thinking?

The Bronx has a high crime rate, along with Yonkers. The two politicians who control those areas need to be voted out. Heastie and Stewart-Cousin only care about criminals, not law-abiding citizens.

It is truly mind-boggling that this is acceptable to these voters. Elections have consequences, and your life may depend on it. Remember: You get what you vote for.

Philip Vallone


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