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Letters to the Editor: Joe Biden’s Long-Term Getaway

The Issue: The Post’s report that President Biden has spent 40% of his time in office on vacation.

No surprise that the “grifter in chief” is hardly ever physically present (“Old man and the ZZZs,” Sept. 3).

It’s long been apparent President Biden is not really cognitively present, either. The American people keep finding out just what a farce his role as a leader is.

He lounges in Lake Tahoe at a billionaire’s digs, while people in Lahaina, Hawaii, have no homes left. He is off to Rehoboth Beach, while Florida towns are in shambles from Idalia.

His press secretary spins the lie that he has done more for the border problem than any other administration — yes, he has done more to create the problem. Next she will tell us that he works tirelessly and never takes a vacation.

While many of the common folk have skipped vacations this year because they could not afford to go anywhere due to the rising cost of everything, he pulls that whispering act from the podium spouting that the economy is great thanks to “Bidenomics.” It must be great to be a Biden — it’s never how it looks.

Betsy Flor

Putnam Valley

By spending most of his time on vacation and avoiding the media, President Biden is able to keep from showing how confused he is about everything.

It is disappointing to me, since I don’t get to hear about so many of his verbal gaffes while he is sunning himself.

Since he probably isn’t running the country anyway, he might as well enjoy himself. It works for the present, but he won’t be able to get away with hiding in his basement with the birds chirping in the background again if he runs for re-election.

Since he enjoys the Delaware beaches so much, why not invite some of the migrants to come to Delaware and relieve the overcrowding in New York City?

There are plenty of nice hotels in Rehoboth Beach where they could be housed, and he could also entertain them at his opulent beach home as a benevolent gesture of good will.

Warren Goldfein

Mount Arlington, NJ

Please stop complaining about the president’s short workdays and frequent vacations.

After all, the more he neglects working, the less likely he will do harm to the nation.

Arnold Mazur

Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

PolitiFact each year picks “The Lie of the Year,” and I often send in a suggestion. This year, I’m sending this in, because it was so outrageous:

First, it has been established that Biden has been on vacation for 40% of his presidency.

Asked why he hasn’t visited East Palestine, Ohio, where a train crash occurred more than 200 days ago, spilling toxic chemicals into the river and surrounding area, Biden implied he’s too busy: “I haven’t had the occasion to go to East Palestine. There is a lot going on here, and I just haven’t been able to break.”

I hope this outrageous lie will win in 2023.

David F. Lipton

Toms River, NJ

How does “Vacation Joe” reward the Democratic billionaire who opened his Lake Tahoe mansion to the Bidens?

Meanwhile, Democrats continue to go after Justice Clarence Thomas for taking vacations with a longtime friend at no cost to us taxpayers.

Why can’t the media wake up and do their job instead of constantly protecting the Biden crime family?

I hope these travesties will cease when Biden is out of office — which will be sooner rather than later, considering his worsening cognitive decline and total corruption.

Mary Ann Pizzi

East Hanover, NJ

The Post mentioned that Biden spends 40% of his time on vacation — more than previous presidents. Now my question is: Who’s watching the store?

I have been working for Northeast Plumbing in Mineola for 44 years and am 74 years old. I only take vacation as prescribed by company policy. If I took more time, I wouldn’t have a job.

To be president of the greatest country in the world demands full attention. Biden should be on the job at least 80% of the time.

Frederick Bedell, Jr.


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