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Letters to the Editor — June 8, 2023

The Issue: Mayor Adams’ claim that he would allow migrants to be housed in Grace Mansion.

Mayor Adams, I call BS (“The Adams family,” June 7).

You have the finest police force at your disposal to run background checks of all prospective “tenants” and around-the-clock police protection.

Yet you ask New York City residents to put up these immigrants, who have entered the United States illegally with no background checks and possible ties to cartels, human traffickers and terrorist organizations, in our homes. You are a total disgrace of a mayor.

Dan Gardner

Staten Island

Does anyone seriously believe that Adams is open to housing migrants at Gracie Mansion?

It’s more grandstanding from a mayor who seems like a nice man, but is more accomplished at running his mouth than doing anything concrete to solve the massive problems the city has to deal with.

Besides, if illegal immigrants are allowed to stay at the mansion, Mayor Adams will no doubt be housed elsewhere.

With the drugs and crime, New York City is certainly less and less of a sanctuary for law-abiding citizens and other responsible individuals.

Hail, progressive utopia! Bah.

Marion Sanders

Belle Mead, NJ

Mayor Eric Adams
Mayor Eric Adams holds a press conference inside City Hall to discuss the city’s latest plans in dealing with the migrant crisis.
Matthew McDermott

Now Adams wants homeowners to provide rooms for illegal immigrants (“How about You take ’em?” June 6).

It has been reported there are about 40,000 Airbnb accommodations in the five boroughs.

Adams should book every listed accommodation at double the price (it’s the New York way.)

If the owner won’t provide the rooms, it’s a $1,000 fine per day for discrimination. Problem solved.

New York City has space for tent cities. Convert all city and state-owned rooftops to tent cities as well as all parks, zoos, ballfields, golf courses, museums, vacant buildings, etc.

This illegal invasion was voted for by the Democrats, who should get exactly what they wanted. No complaints. When you feel self-screwed enough, you will change your vote. Until then, smile and enjoy yourself.

Wayne Galvin


Gracie mansion
Adams told The Post in regards to having migrants at the Graice mansion, “If it doesn’t go against legal protocols — I don’t have a problem if I could put a migrant family in Gracie Mansion.”

So Adams is willing to give $125 per day to houses of worship that take in migrants for room and board, but if you foster a child, you get between $20 and $26 per day. And what about the homeless? What about the veterans who are struggling?

This is just another slap in the face from the Democrats. Tell President Biden to shut the border down. In the meantime, if the migrants’ countries are not willing to pay their way, send them back to where they came from. Let them come in the right way, like everyone else.

It seems the majority of Democrats don’t care what happens to this country as long as they stay in office and make themselves look good.

I hope all Democrats are opening their doors and helping out the migrants. This is what they voted for.

Bill McCreary


I have a great idea for Mayor Adams to solve his immigrant problem; Call President Biden and complain about the immigrant busings to New York City.

Then hold a news conference stating your problem each day until you get results. Make it the president’s problem.

I am available for obvious solutions to these and other New York City crises, Mr. Mayor.

Ray Walsh, Ramsey, NJ

Nice try, Eric. That little quip with a photo op should go down as another one of your inane attempts to be the sanctuary savior.

Lest you forget, Adams, there are many homeless on the streets of New York City who might need some compassion and support from the fool in charge — not to mention that many are soldiers who have fallen into despair.

Maybe the invitation to come enjoy Gracie Mansion would be better if it were extended to those who live on the streets throughout this country first.

Kevin Judge

Naples. Fla.

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