Letters to the Editor — May 13, 2022

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The Issue: Mayor Adams’ appeal to New Yorkers to help solve the issue of illegal guns in the city.

If Mayor Adams wants to be tough on crime, he has to shame Albany by publicly speaking out and putting all blame on the governor for every homicide and major crime committed (“Mad city,” May 12).

Unless there is a penalty for crimes committed, any program the mayor comes up with will fail.

It’s early, but Adams has not shown any signs that he is capable of doing the work to bring the shine back to the Big Apple. Instead, it looks like his main goal is to become a celebrity.

John Avelli


Adams may have sharp-looking suits, but they’re empty when he wears them.

He should have asserted his get-tough-on-crime policy from Day One. There’s been too much rhetoric and posturing. The man is full of himself.

True, the City Council and state legislators are no help and may tie his hands — but that is all the more reason he should declare war on lawlessness in our city.

Jerry Chiappetta


Adams was elected by the people of New York to clean up the massive mess left by Mayor Bill de Blasio and to get soft-on-crime policies changed. So far we have a lot of words and little action to back up those words.

Adams calling on all New Yorkers to help him fight crime is not worth the paper it’s printed on. What we need are actions and consequences.

We, the people of New York, demand that criminals be help accountable for their crimes and made to serve time as punishment. We demand that soft-on-crime policies and bail reform be terminated and district attorneys and jurists uphold the rule of law and hold criminals accountable and bring them to justice. We demand that victims get the justice they deserve.

Actions speak louder than words. Be a man of action, Mr. Mayor.

Theresa O’Brien


After five months in office, Adams has shown in many ways that merely being a retired New York City police officer does not automatically qualify you to be the mayor of New York City.

The mayor needs to call out the politicians in Albany by name, mainly Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, to let the public know who is responsible for the refusal to change the insane bail-reform laws. Don’t bank on Gov. Hochul.

The mayor held a press conference to show the public how many guns were taken off the streets. What we need to know is how many criminals were taken off the streets.

A criminal who is incarcerated is unable to commit crimes in our city.

Dick Mills


New York City is a joke. Our mayor brags about how many guns he’s taken off the streets, but the thugs get let back out, and simply get another gun.

Our joke of an attorney general, Letitia James, is too busy on witch hunts against former President Donald Trump to fight real crime.

Until you take the thugs off the streets, New York City is going to be unsafe for decent people.

Kevin Mullen, Holtsville

Politicians can continue to bloviate about the gun insanity in perpetuity. However, guns alone are not the solitary reason for the unfettered criminal element that is being allowed to permeate our streets.

Hardened career criminals who pull the triggers of these illegal guns are the primary cause for this insanity. These depraved dirtbags are coddled by a politically contrived criminal-justice system that allows for no bail.

The law-abiding citizens of New York and other liberal-controlled cities are left to fend for themselves because of these preposterous, criminal-embracing politicians.

The people of these great cities must vote these grievously inept politicians out of office to restore some sense of security to their everyday lives. Until then, the warped mayhem will continue.

Denis David

East Rockaway

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