Letters to the Editor — May 18, 2023

The Issue: John Durham’s report finding that the FBI’s Russia collusion probe was never based on evidence.

Special Counsel John Durham’s report lays out how the FBI used evidence it knew to be false to investigate and spy on the Trump presidential campaign (“Whack job,” Jonathan Turley, May 17).

It also reveals how the FBI, despite a ton of genuine evidence, refused to investigate potential Clinton Foundation collusion with the Russians.

The FBI characterized these as missteps.

The liberal media will not even admit to missteps for their role in this attempt to crush our democracy.

The media have relished running a protection racket for the Biden administration at the expense of the American people.

Armand Rose

Arlington, NJ

The only thing I have to say concerning the Durham report on supposed Trump collusion with Russia during the run-up to the 2016 presidential election is: Duh!

I think most sane people had serious doubts about whether what the Democrats said was “verifiably” true.

That being said, I also have serious doubts that anyone will be held to account.

That now is my level of faith in the Department of Justice and the FBI.

Oh, by the way: I also think that Hunter Biden is going to skate on all his alleged crimes.

At this point, we should aspire to be a third-world nation.

Louie Rey

Summerville, SC

The Durham report only confirms what we already knew, and it will accomplish nothing.

The individuals involved in this grand conspiracy to subvert democracy in our once-great country will never be held accountable for their actions, due to the systemic corruption in our government.

I, for one, have lost faith in the integrity of our most revered agencies and institutions, which have failed to honor the trust placed in them by the people.

They failed in their plot to put Hillary Clinton in office in 2016, so they undertook a disgraceful mission to undermine the administration of a duly elected president, who vowed to end the decades of corruption polluting our government.

Thomas Urban


Turley’s article recites chapter and verse the plan, execution and continued coverup by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, President Barack Obama and FBI Director James Comey to not just discredit former President Donald Trump, but to destroy him.

Most important, this would not have been possible without the complicit actions of the media.

From the fake dossier to Hunter Biden’s laptop to the letter from 51 former US intelligence officials, obstruction, obfuscation and lies are the norm for this Democratic Party.

And lest we forget, this was all timed to interfere with the election.

Who will answer for this most egregious conspiracy, which absolutely hurts every citizen of the United States?

Who fills the “basket of deplorables” now?

J. Impreveduto

Naples, Fla.

Of course Hillary was at the center of the hoax.

She’ll get a pass in spite of what Durham has proven.

That’s just the way it is in America when a member of an elite family happens to be a prominent Democrat.

This double standard is possible because of the corrupt, compliant mainstream media joined at the hip with the Democratic Party.

Trump changed America for the better — so the Democratic Party, “led” by the likes of Hillary and President Biden, along with the deep state have sworn to never forgive him.

The dirty, underhanded treatment of Trump will forever be an ugly stain on their integrity, assuming they ever had any integrity.

Myron Hecker

Pearl River

Reading the Durham report, it’s obvious that both the FBI and the Justice Department were both incompetent and corrupt in handling the Trump-Russia collusion episode.

Think what it cost the country in time and money, all because they wanted to destroy Trump’s presidency for their own political gain.

This is your tax dollars at work.

Chris Tripoulas


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