Letters to the Editor — May 25, 2022

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The Issue: Mayor Adams’ statement that the subways are safe after a man was shot on the Q train on Sunday.

Mayor Adams “rode the subway from upper Manhattan down to City Hall,” The Post reported (“Hunt for Q train killer,” May 24).

That means nothing, and the mayor continues to con the public with his proclamations that the subways are safe. How safe?

As no news source revealed who accompanies the mayor when he rides the subway, I’ll withhold my judgment about its safety status.

When the mayor can say, “I often ride the subways totally alone,” then I’ll believe the system might be safe. But if he only rides with hired guns to protect him, then he’s not qualified to say whether it’s safe or unsafe.

For now, I’ll stick with my opinion the subways are as safe as you are when a crazed pit bull who hasn’t eaten in a week has your neck in his jaws. Alan Hirsch

Port Washington

What does it take to get political leaders to incarcerate criminals who are repeat offenders? The latest killing of an innocent man in the subway should outrage the public into demanding action now.

This is both an Albany and a New York City problem. No more speeches. Change the laws now.

Ed Houlihan

Ridgeway, NJ

The looney left-wing policies that have been adopted by New York City and New York state are directly responsible for the crime wave we are experiencing in the subways and on the street.

The court system coddles criminals, dangerous mental patients are free to roam the streets — and the police wisely refrain from proactive policing because of the ridiculous restrictions placed on them.

There is no mystery as to why New York City has sunken into the state it’s in. There is no solution other than to reverse the destructive policies and laws that have led to this — and to restore the support and protection that the NYPD deserves and needs to operate effectively. Sadly, I don’t see that happening.

Thomas Urban


It is truly sad when a man decides to ride the subway in order to go to brunch and is shot dead for no apparent reason.

The “new normal” for New York City residents is unexpected death at any time and in any area.

This mayor, however, is more interested in the social scene, dining in fancy restaurants and attending galas. He has no clue as to how to stop crime, even as he touts his experience and determination.

He is not alone in this indictment. The progressives who run the city and state will not change in most of our lifetimes, and death and destruction are to be expected.

As a citizen, you have two choices. The first is to fire the incompetent parasites in government. The second is to pack your bags and get out before it is too late.

Anthony Bruno


Take this weekend’s tragic, random subway slaying as another example of how out-of-control crime is in Adams’ New York City.

When not jaunting to LA, DC, Miami, Chicago or New Orleans, Adams preens for the camera and dines nightly at swanky New York City restaurants.

At this rate, he’s starting to make Bill de Blasio look downright competent and successful.

Carole Campolo

East Hampton

Adams says the subways are safe, despite the recent murder. He is riding the trains to show New Yorkers how safe it is. What a joke.

Here is some advice, Mr. Mayor: Get the cops out of hiding. There’s a small army of them assigned to the subway, but they’re the greatest magicians around: You never see ’em.

Mike Lopez

Staten Island

Barring the return of stop-and-frisk and Albany’s politicians coming to their senses, the Big Apple is doomed.

Adams is just a talker, not willing to face evil head-on. A cop on every train would help but is just not enough.

Mayor Rudy Giuliani and hardworking, brave police had New York fixed, but de Blasio and the Democrats have ruined it.

Peter Welch


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