Letters to the Editor — Nov. 14, 2021

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Child-Care Lunacy
I agree completely with Rich Lowry (“Dem Day-Care Disaster,” PostOpinion, Nov. 10)
The child-care proposal that Democrats wrote into the “Build Back Better/human Infrastructure bill” is the most destructive part in the entire bill. It directly affects and seeks to control families.
Let’s face it, the traditional family has been the target of the left since Joseph Stalin.
When President Biden or his secretary of transportation tell us women are being held back from working, they are lying.
First of all, they are working: They are raising the next generation. If they are holding jobs outside the homes, they have a right to choose who cares for their precious children.
This is a communist dream — the government controls everything, especially your babies and children. Elite, high-income households can pay for their own child care.
Catherine Adago, Manhattan

Vaccine mania
Our understanding of COVID is constantly evolving (“Vax-Mandate Madness,” Editorial, Nov. 9).
Unfortunately, many of our public policies to combat the pandemic aren’t. In the week of April 5, 2020, the number of daily deaths from COVID-19 in New York City peaked at 566.
According to the most recent city Department of Health COVID statistics, that number is now five confirmed daily deaths with a positive molecular test.
New therapeutic drugs will soon be available that, if taken after someone contracts the virus, give a 90 percent reduction in the risk of being hospitalized or dying.
According to a recently published study, people who took the vaccine are just as likely to spread the virus as those who haven’t been inoculated.
Vax mandates may have been wise in the early days of the pandemic when not much was known about the virus, but the current science does not support denying people the right to earn a living because they don’t want to be vaccinated.
Politicians are virtue-signaling with their mandates and restrictions.
André Montero, Brooklyn

Gosar’s gaffe
Regarding Rep. Paul Gosar’s inexplicable anime tweet (“Anime-sword pol not sorry,” Nov. 10), I cringe when I imagine how today’s geopolitical landscape would look had the congressmen of the Cold War era, such as Reps. Joe McCarthy and Barry Goldwater, had access to the Internet, Twitter and the meme subculture. The Kremlin would have been in over its head with propaganda fuel.
Today’s politicians only generate uproar and scandal by subjecting the online public to their unfiltered — and oftentimes embarrassing — opinions and sophomoric memes that they are too old, too busy, and too powerful to be posting.
I can only speculate that the politicians of the previous century could not have behaved better in a similar environment.
I can see your publication’s headlines so vividly: “Kennedy blasted for ‘tone-deaf’ posts in wake of Chappaquiddick.”
Lawton Bevon, Charleston, SC

Concert tragedy
The crush of fans at the opening of rapper Travis Scott’s Astroworld music festival that resulted in eight deaths and hundreds injured might have been prevented if Scott heeded the title of his new single released just hours before, “Escape Plan” (“Stampede,” Nov. 7)
While the legal liability of Scott, Live Nation and others will play out in the courts, the music industry must take stricter crowd-control measures to prevent such tragedies in the future.
Paul Kamenar, Chevy Chase, MD

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