Locals in Sag Harbor surprised by Justin Timberlake’s friends allowing him to drive while intoxicated

Listen to our better angels

Sag Harbor’s sagging. Stunned that buddies let Timberlake lumber into a car. Drive. Alone. Zonked.

Feeling maybe a little their fault. Not like they didn’t see him woozily leaving the town’s busy American Hotel bar.

Maybe heading to East Hampton pal Jimmy Fallon. Visibly too zonked to drive.

Justin Timberlake was arrested for DUI in Sag Harbor last week.
Justin Timberlake was arrested for DUI in Sag Harbor last week. Sag Harbor PD/MEGA

Celebrityhood can be tough. Years don’t stop. It’s not all gyms, retouchers, press agents, assistants, drivers and p.r. types savvy enough to hustle you to Italy where there’s no July 4 and you can still get a newspaper to print you sunbathing.

Today’s kids don’t know the name Clark Gable. Tom Cruise will next leap off a moving train with a cane.

Take the latest with the multi-divorced, multi-bedded Mrs. Ben Affleck’s newest marriage crash.

Every new guy’s a temp. There’s desperation. Her self-made project was nothing. Movies nothing. Tours nothing. Only p.r., marriages and her panic — plus the p.r. she herself generates — is something.

Maybe there’s demons inside Timberlake. Hunter has them, DA Bragg has them, the temp Mrs. Affleck is gutted with them. We all need to control them.

Uplifting news

Meanwhile, PDO Thread Lift’s a new minimally invasive office procedure between fillers and face-lifts.

It’s “Summer Lift” without losing summer’s fun.

In 20 minutes, PDO threads lift and tighten skin, stimulating collagen without surgery’s downtime.

Manhattan and Woodbury’s plastic surgeon Dr. Jon Turk, having done this 1,000 times, says results can last a year.

That escalated quickly

Broadway. Least viewers EVER tuned to what the Tonys creaked to be.

Friends wanted two tickets to “Merrily We Roll Along” with Daniel Radcliffe. Hudson Theatre.

No original new musical. A retread. Opened 1981. Ticket lines now did NOT extend to Utah.

Crowds at East 57th’s cheapo Saks Off — just to get last season’s markdown jeans — were larger.

And when people, except for the Bidens, are not running good financially — price for this show’s seats? Ready? $750!

The first Tony Awards was 1947. Ticket — $7. Shows were “Finian’s Rainbow,” “High Button Shoes,” “Brigadoon.”

A four-door Buick was $750, toilet paper a dime, and a T-shirt $2.99.

We doing great — or what?!

What a great city

July 4. After Hiawatha’s shining big sea water, after George Washington, came Nathan Hale. America’s first spy.

Yale grad, Yale teacher, spied on the USA while carrying his Yale diploma (no changes, Yale’s still loused up politically) and got hung as a traitor on 66th and Third.

1762. Fraunces Tavern, G. Washington’s first restaurant. He’s gone. The tavern’s still there. 1884, 72nd and CP brought the Dakota — most lavish apartment house in what became the greatest city on Earth.

1881. Statue of Liberty. Empire State Building. Uptown, downtown, crosstown, St. Pat’s, Bronx Zoo, Diamond Center, Central Park, Radio City, Mayor Eric.

A Jakarta friend asked what he should see here. I told him, “You only have three days. Just try to get crosstown.”

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.

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