Maine’s Decision to Remove Trump from the Ballot is Hurting the Country

Cold snapper from Maine

Biden won’t debate. He can’t. Our codger in chief can’t even read a prewritten script in front of him fast enough to pronounce the words.

So, forget him — which most of us already have.

But how about that Maine jerk-ass whose brains are in her bra? Even before she scratched Donald from the ballot, nobody’d heard of Shenna Bellows.

A zero Dem nothing from a whothehellcares office where a plaid wool shirt is considered black tie and nobody’s ever met a dentist?

This nothing from a frozen state where flannel is considered chiffon is a Dem friend of Hunter Biden’s father.

And anyone think this is what James Madison, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Samuel Adams, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson had in mind?

Her higher education was Middlebury College? She tried to be a senator but she flunked out.

So, this is what negotiates rules for the United States of America? Better we should have Sen. Menendez — at least we’ve all heard what he may be doing.

Don’t do it

WAIT. Unless laws changed without personally informing me — here’s more on our beloved USA that doesn’t normally come up in conversation: Illegal in Florida to have sex with a porcupine. Harrisburg, Pa., not allowed to have sex with a trucker in a toll booth. Willowdale, Ore., forbidden to whisper dirty things to your wife while intimate. Clinton, Okla., cannot masturbate while watching others Doing It in a car. Tremonton, Utah, law is you cannot have sex in an ambulance. Newcastle, Wyo., illegal to Do It standing in a meat freezer. Alexandria, Minn., fornication’s no-no if you smell of onions, sardines, garlic.

Ames, Iowa? No bedding a woman if you drank over three slugs of beer.

No show job?

Rudy Giuliani. Republican. Born May 28, 1944, Brooklyn. 107th mayor of NYC, 1994 to 2001. Leadership hotshot after 9/11. US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, 1983 to 1989.

For having been D. Trump’s personal attorney Rudy now faces legal hell.

We know each other professionally. And socially. A lifetime. We share programs on WABC radio.

So: arranged was an interview with me — a friend — last week.

Day of air came phone calls. Time change for him. OK. Then another call and time change. OK. Then another call and time change. Then more phone calls from his people. Then more time change. Then, just before airtime — he canceled.

Rudy now owes $148 million. That’s besides his apology to me.

Restocking time for Gristedes

Years ago there was a “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” program. Today two are Catsimatidis and wife Margo.

Sunday, I had dinner with them and Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Farkas. Monday, I also had dinner with them and radio’s Mark Simone. Last night, dinner again with them.

Yesterday’s full-page NY Post story dealt with them giving their billion-dollar empire over to their ­30-year-old son, John.

My hope is now, tomorrow, to also have dinner — but with that kid. 

So this New York Realtor’s holidaying in Rome. At the Colosseum, the father said to the son, “See? This illustrates what I’ve always told you. When you haven’t got sufficient capital, you don’t start to build.”

Only about New York, kids, only about New York.

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