Masks for young kids will be history

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Mayor Eric Adams continues the bold new trend of following the science. 

As with many other states, he’s ending the New York City school mask mandate for 2- to 4-year-olds as of April 4. 

In doing so, he rejects the Centers for Disease Control’s absurd “guidance” recommending “universal indoor masking . . . for those ages two years and older, regardless of vaccination status” in programs enrolling younger kids. Guidance left unchanged in the wake of the agency’s recent big shift to new COVID metrics for masking.

We heartily cheer on the end of this cruel, pointless, deeply anti-science policy

Of the nearly 970,000 people who’ve died from COVID in the US since January 2020, just 111 of them (at the time of this writing) have been ages 1 to 4. And many of those kids had pre-existing complications. 

In other words, COVID is a statistically insignificant danger for tots. 

Plus, as the mayor noted in announcing this shift: Schools, for kids of any age, have never been significant vectors of transmission for COVID, as months of data from New York and elsewhere have shown.  

And that’s to say nothing of the psychological and cognitive harms inflicted by forcing younger kids to live with masks. The CDC itself admits this is a risk, noting that “to facilitate learning and social and emotional development” teachers should consider wearing a “clear mask or cloth mask with a clear panel when interacting with young children.” 

Yes, it’s ridiculous that this is the last mask domino to fall: The group it affected was the least likely of all to get sick or die from COVID and the most likely to suffer from masking. But at least it is falling, and for that the mayor deserves credit.

Now cross your fingers that the city continues to follow the science (and not the CDC) if cases (but not threats to kids) rise from the new BA.2 variant. Again, this policy never made sense.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mayor: About that private-sector vaccine mandate . . .  

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