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Mayor Adams, The Migrant Crisis is Undeniably Impacting NYC – It’s Time for Action

In a town hall meeting on Wednesday night, Mayor Eric Adams expressed his concern about the ongoing migrant crisis, stating that he does not see an end to it and warning that it will destroy New York City. However, despite being the mayor and having the responsibility to solve problems, Adams seems to be acting like a bystander to his own disaster. What New Yorkers need are solutions, not rants.

Adams placed the blame for the crisis on President Joe Biden and his open border policies. He also criticized fellow Democrat Kathy Hochul for accepting migrants outside of New York City without considering the political consequences. Adams criticized the lack of support from the White House for the thousands of asylum seekers arriving each month.

Furthermore, Adams emphasized that it is not Texas Governor Greg Abbott, but his fellow Democrats, who are behind the influx of migrants to New York City. He criticized Abbott for busing only a small fraction of the migrants and pointed out that they come to New York City because of the “right to shelter” agreement struck with liberal groups.

Adams called for immediate action to address the crisis. He suggested holding a press conference translated into multiple languages and stating that migrants coming to New York City will not be provided with shelter. Single men should be offered transportation to their desired destination, while families and young children should be given shelter for a limited period before being expected to make their own arrangements. Contracts for existing shelters should also be canceled.

Adams acknowledged that there may be concerns about illegal workers, but he argued that the current situation, where migrants are working off the books, is already undermining wages and the minimum wage laws. He stated that the responsibility to feed, clothe, and shelter hundreds of thousands of people should not fall solely on New York City taxpayers.

While progressive groups may sue in response to these actions, Adams believes they will not be successful, as the “right to shelter” is not enshrined in the state Constitution. He emphasized that city and state leaders across the country would support these measures.

Adams criticized the current approach of providing hotel rooms, meals, laundry, and healthcare to illegal migrants, arguing that it undermines the traditional immigrant equation of hard work and struggle in pursuit of a better future. He stated that this approach is unsustainable and that New York City must help itself since there is no help coming from the federal government.

Overall, Adams called for immediate and decisive action to address the migrant crisis and emphasized the need for New York City to take responsibility for solving the problem rather than waiting for assistance that may never come.

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