Merrick Garland evades and redirects questions on mishandled Biden-corruption investigation

Attorney General Merrick Garland evaded questions and provided misleading testimony during his appearance before the House Judiciary Committee. 

He refused to address inquiries about the investigation into the Biden family’s alleged crimes, citing special counsel David Weiss’ ongoing probe.

Prior to this, Garland named Weiss as the “independent” prosecutor on Hunter Biden’s case but with Weiss’ lack of progress, including letting the statute of limitations expire on various tax charges, and a rejected plea deal, questions arose regarding Weiss’ handling of the case. 

Garland couldn’t explain the delays or why Weiss lacked the authority to charge Hunter. His testimony contradicted earlier statements made to Senator Charles Grassley. 

Weiss had been turned down by another US attorney before Grassley questioned Garland. Despite this, Garland could not recall if he had discussed the case with Weiss or anyone else at the FBI or Department of Justice. 

Garland also dismissed the concerns of IRS whistleblowers who exposed Weiss’ shortcomings, referring to their complaints about the cumbersome process of the Hunter probe as mere opinions. 

Garland began his testimony by echoing the theme of Joe Biden’s re-election campaign, stating that they will defend democracy. 

One must ponder if Garland recalls the famous quote from Dr. Johnson: “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.”

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