Nevada campsite left in disarray by Burning Man attendees

The heavy rains that shut down this year’s Burning Man festival have prompted another disaster: scrutiny of all the fetid trash “burners” leave in their wake, and not just on-site.

Turns out that even in a normal year the injunction to “leave no trace” prompts attendees to dump filth by the road on their way out, while organizers still must spend weeks scrubbing the site in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert.

And this year’s downpour prompted a much messier exodus.

People may finally figure out that Burning Man’s vaunted bohemian culture of community and self-expression, with a supposed commitment to radical inclusion, diversity and equity, is actually a cover for extreme privilege.

The festival’s own survey last year revealed that the average burner is a college-educated, 37-year-old straight white male who votes Democrat and made over $100,000 in 2021.

Tickets this year sold in a range from $575 to $2,750, a hefty price tag to camp in the desert.

That is: It’s a progressive, exclusive, rich-boy party in the wilderness.

And for all the preaching about green activism, communal effort and civic responsibility, their garbage now stretches across miles of once-pristine desert.

“Burners” abandoned whole vehicles along with bags of trash and human waste.

Consider this a true picture of what progressive ideals really entail: privileged pigs leaving the little people holding the bag.

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