Pelosi and AOC diverge: Pelosi opposes ‘impeachment, impeachment,’ while AOC employs humorous calculations regarding migrants.

Diary of disturbing disinformation and dangerous delusions

The claim:

“This president has been so zeroed in, so laser-focused, on lowering costs for Americans — and we’ve done that.” 

— WH Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, Monday

We say: C’mon, man!

If President Biden has really been “laser-focused” on lowering costs, maybe he should find something else to focus on: Costs have soared 18% since 2020.

Gasoline’s up 74%, from $2.28 a gallon to $3.96 this month, per the US Energy Information Administration.

Jean-Pierre claims “Bidenomics has worked so well” that Republicans are trying to take credit for it.

Is she nuts? Nearly three out of four Americans, a Quinnipiac poll found, see the economy as “not so good” or downright “poor.”

That includes 41% of Democrats.

Sorry, but Republicans don’t want any part of that.

This warning:

“You just can’t go impeaching, impeaching . . .”

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Monday

We say: Pelosi opposes the GOP impeachment inquiry into Biden family corruption?

Ha! That’s rich — coming from the ex-speaker whose chamber actually impeached Donald Trump. Twice.

And, at least the first time, on far weaker evidence than has emerged about Joe Biden and his family.

This stat:

“The numbers of . . . people coming today are nothing … compared to the daily amount of people that we saw coming in from, through Ellis Island in the first half of this century.”

— Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Friday

We say: Never mind that AOC meant “last” century, not “this” one.

Her comparison is beyond inane: 12 million people came through Ellis Island (legally) in the 62 years from 1892 to 1954, as she herself notes.

Yet in just 2½ years, 3.8 million have crossed our southern border (mostly illegally).

At that rate, in 62 years, 94 million will have crossed. 

This headline:

“The massive autoworkers strike, the resumption of student loan payments and a possible government shutdown will mean less money for millions.”

— MSNBC, Tuesday

We say: MSNBC labels this a “crisis upon crisis upon crisis.”

Yet auto workers chose to strike, demanding fat, 36% raises (in part to make up for Bidenflation), four-day workweeks and other benefits — and they get strike pay.

Students who borrowed money will now have to pay it back after getting a multiyear hiatus they weren’t promised.

And a government shutdown, triggered by a desire to curb runaway spending and debt that fuel inflation, may hold up paychecks. But government workers ultimately won’t lose a cent.

Some crises!

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