People in the Eye of the Storm’

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A brilliant & revelatory documentary on Dr. Robert Malone—a champion of the people.


1 hour, 18min | Biography, Documentary | 2022

Although I’ve been aware of Dr. Robert Malone (a key developer of mRNA therapy) through watching a few of his interviews and reading articles about him, I’ve never really known too much about him. So it was quite a pleasure to recently watch the Headwind Association’s documentary on him, “Dr. Robert Malone in Headwind 2: People in the Eye of the Storm,” which is not only an intimate portrait of who he is and what he stands for, but a powerful expose on the inner workings of the recent pandemic.

This film was shot in beautiful Andalucía, Spain. As the host, Jacobien Huisman interviews him, they travel to several different picturesque towns while touching on different subjects. It’s a nice touch and keeps the pace peppy instead of bogging down into a stagnant talking heads session.

After Dr. Malone talks about his rough and tumble upbringing, he gets down to business and begins to explain what the SARS-CoV-2 virus actually is. The virus is composed of self-replicating genes that aren’t truly alive but exist as parasitic organisms. However, once these genes get into a living being’s cells (i.e. injected into a host), the new host becomes the food for the now activated virus.

Epoch Times Photo
Dr. Robert Malone (L) being interviewed by Jacobien Huisman in “Dr. Robert Malone in Headwind 2: People in the Eye of the Storm.” (Headwind Association)

He also goes into the background of the medical-industrial complex. The “Industrial medical intervention with pharmaceuticals” approach to disease management was actively weaponized by the Rockefeller family decades ago in order to further their agenda of establishing a new kind of medical system based on petrochemical-derived organic chemistry. In this way, they could oversee the mass production of pills as a form of medicine.

Today, Big Pharma, aligned with the government and its lapdog the legacy media, uses the exploitation of irrational, fear-based propaganda that has been carefully cultivated around this newly emerged threat object (i.e. the virus). This not only garners more power for globalist interests but also allows for the manipulation of both public opinion and human behavior.

But Dr. Malone believes that people deserve to have informed consent; which means they need to be able to grasp the fundamental information about the virus. His philosophy is based on distilling some of the more esoteric elements about the virus into easier-to-understand metaphors, which people all over the world are hungry for. Instead of telling them what to think, he merely presents them with the factual information and explains it to them in layman’s terms—from there, they can form their own thoughts and opinions.

During the onset of the virus, he began noticing many critical testing and “demonstration of safety” issues among his colleagues who were working to identify the virus and develop a vaccine for it.

Epoch Times Photo
One of the beautiful locales of Southern Spain in “Dr. Robert Malone in Headwind 2: People in the Eye of the Storm.” (Headwind Association)

He was so horrified by what was going on that he approached a senior scientist, who not only acknowledged Dr. Malone’s observations but brought up many other elements that were incongruous with standard laboratory practices. When Malone asked this senior contemporary to add his name to a written complaint on his findings, since he’d contributed to it, the man vociferously insisted that he have nothing to do with it—his reason being that his career would be threatened if he did such a thing.

It was at that point that Dr. Malone reached a critical impasse; a go or no go moment. Instead of cowering in fear or simply ignoring the issues, he decided to do the right thing and put his name, as well as his formidable reputation, on the line. His ethics and principles didn’t allow for him to fade away and let his fellow citizens wallow in ignorance. It became his life’s calling to inform the public as to the nature of this insidious virus.

Dr. Jill Glasspool-Malone, his wife who is a scientist in biotechnology and public safety, helps him with many of the papers and blog posts that he writes. She explains that vaccines typically take a long time to be approved for public use—usually an average of ten years to be properly licensed. So she knew something nefarious was afoot when this vaccine was getting rushed through.

They both noticed how the media continuously put out fear-based “storylines” about the virus that weren’t backed up by any scientific facts whatsoever. As Dr. Malone explains it, among the other paranoia-inducing solutions to contracting the virus (social distancing, masks, etc.), their primary go-to suggestion would inevitably be to get jabbed up.

Epoch Times Photo
Dr. Jill Glasspool-Malone (L) chimes in to support her husband, Dr. Robert Malone in “Dr. Robert Malone in Headwind 2: People in the Eye of the Storm.” (Headwind Association)

Dr. Glasspool-Malone is fearful of how governments are going to use their newfound powers of medical authority. After all, as she adroitly points out, historically when governments get new tools to work with that restrict their citizen’s movements and manipulate their behavior, it is very hard to get the authorities to give back the freedoms they’ve taken away. She wonders how these new tools, such as emergency powers, will be used in the future.

Epoch Times Photo
Some impromptu horse riding in “Dr. Robert Malone in Headwind 2: People in the Eye of the Storm.” (Headwind Association)

This is one of the more revelatory documentaries on the recent pandemic that I’ve seen and a must-see for anyone even remotely interested in what was (and still is) going on, with regards to the virus and its various repercussions. It’s also a classy, well-produced piece that informs as much as it dazzles with its gorgeous natural backdrops.

Dr. Robert Malone in Headwind 2: People in the Eye of the Storm

Stars: Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Jill Glasspool-Malone, Jacobien Huisman
Running Time: 1hour, 18 minutes
MPAA Rating: Not rated
Release Date: April 9, 2022
Rated: 4.5 stars out of 5

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