President Biden ignored while Obama was at the White House

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Boy, did President Joe Biden look sad Tuesday, wandering around a White House event unable to get attention from a roomful of Democrats.

Instead, footage showed senators, House members and others flocking around former President Barack Obama, visiting the White House for the first time in five years. Obama himself ignored the sitting president, shrugging off Biden’s hand on his shoulder.

The prez eventually threw his hands up in obvious confusion as no one engaged him, not even his own staff, while Obama was swarmed by Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), Veep Kamala Harris and others.

Biden’s own people left him looking feeble and forlorn. Even if cameras hadn’t been there to catch it, they selfishly allowed him to be diminished in the eyes of everyone there.

“The irony,” tweeted writer Matthew Betley, “is that this is like that SNL skit where all the world leaders shunned Trump, but it’s happening to Biden by his own people in real life.” 

Obama’s visit should’ve been a boost for a flagging president, not a humiliating “Geritol moment.” It sure seems like Democrats want to lose big this November.

Barack Obama
This was former President Barack Obama’s first time back in the White House in five years.

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