Progressive Realizes ‘Defund the Police’ is Effective Only for Wealthy and Secure Individuals

The class division in America doesn’t just allow for people to access luxurious material goods, but also lets them act out a life of luxurious beliefs.

Void of real problems like choosing between eating or paying the rent and having legitimate concerns over their physical safety, America’s progressive elitists prescribe unrealistic solutions to problems they are personally distant from, which they can afford to be wrong about because the ramifications of failure don’t usually occur on their side of the tracks.

Reality begins where luxury ends, however, because it’s difficult to maintain a lavish fantasy when a nonbeliever robs you of your comfort or, in the case of Minnesota Democrat-Farmer-Labor Party official Shivanthi Sathanandan, robs you of your vehicle, your liberty and your children’s innocence.

Sathanandan shared on Facebook last week her horrible and violent experience of being carjacked by four young suspects in front of her 4-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son.

“I have a broken leg, deep lacerations on my head, bruising, and cuts all over my body. And I have rage,” she wrote. “These men knew what they were doing. I have NO DOUBT they have done this before. Yet they are still on OUR STREETS. Killing mothers. Giving babies psychological trauma that a lifetime of therapy cannot ease. With no hesitation and no remorse.”

“We need to get illegal guns off of our streets, catch these young people who are running wild creating chaos across our city, and HOLD THEM IN CUSTODY AND PROSECUTE THEM,” Sathanandan strongly emphasized.

Her brush with the harsh reality of danger pushing her to demand justice and punishment is a far cry from a few years ago, post George Floyd’s death, when she was able to publicly indulge in the lavish rhetoric of progressivism as she advocated the dismantling of the Minnesota Police Department.

“We are going to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department. Say it with me: DISMANTLE The Minneapolis Police Department. As allies, what can we do right now? LISTEN and LEARN from our Black siblings.”

This is the crux of elitism.

It’s not just about how you see the world but about dictating what the world should look like based on your singular vision. They’re uninterested in considering the people who may need the police simply because they personally don’t.

They can’t comprehend how some people don’t care about your safety, your property and prey upon this ignorant belief system. They’ll take advantage of anyone the moment they feel the safest, do it with a smile on their face and don’t care if your children watch as you bleed.

Sathanandan talked about being an “ally” to black people but what she really meant was only listening to black left-wing activists and black people who were willing to co-sign her progressive viewpoint.

But the black people who live amongst criminality always advocated assurances of safety from the police, typically by demanding more police involvement to help protect them from community tyrants.

I am not gleeful she went through this experience, and I have empathy for her children for having to see their mother get assaulted outside their home.

It’s something no family should have to experience, but the reality is that it happens, and we should do everything possible to bring justice to victims of assault, regardless of if I agree with them politically or not.

Sometimes it is the worst of situations, though, when people finally understand what it’s like for others who are not as fortunate as them.

Even in the richest nation in the world, some people live amongst terrorists, and Sathananadan got a glimpse into an uncomfortable reality that many Americans can’t avoid.

Dismantling or defunding the police is a fringe concept only comfortable fools wear like silk but will realize how naked they are in the world when someone takes their silk by gunpoint.

Adam B. Coleman is the author of “Black Victim to Black Victor” and founder of Wrong Speak Publishing. Follow him on Substack: adambcoleman.substack.com.

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