Progressivism in a Youth’s Eyes

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Commentary Do elite liberals or progressives have anything good to say about America? Do they find anything in the nation deserving of celebration? Not much, judging from what we typically hear in the left-leaning media and in the schools and universities. The prevailing concerns in recent years are all negative. Climate change, racism past and present, COVID, misinformation, #MeToo, Trump, police brutality, gun violence—they add up to a very dark vision in the left-wing mind. Donald Trump’s positive message, “Make America Great Again,” could only strike those worriers as blather and denial, bigoted and culpable—that was obvious. The entire Trump presidency showed them only indisputable proof that something was terribly wrong with our country. For the moment, let’s not argue against that liberal/left fear and dismay. I don’t want to summon evidence and put it away, or to cite fatuous college presidents saying at one moment that their campuses are …

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