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Reality Strikes as Shivanthi Sathanandan, Critic of Police, Falls Victim to Carjacking

For woke pols, violent crime’s only a problem when it affects them personally: Meet Shivanthi Sathanandan.

A bigwig in Minnesota’s Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, she vowed in the aftermath of the George Floyd killing to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department.

“Say it with me. DISMANTLE The Minneapolis Police Department,” she urged: It has “systematically failed the Black Community,” so it’s “time to build a new infrastructure that works for ALL communities.”

But now she’s gotten carjacked in front of her house and left with serious injuries, so she’s singing a new tune.

“These men knew what they were doing. I have NO DOUBT they have done this before. Yet they are still on OUR STREETS. Killing mothers. Giving babies psychological trauma that a lifetime of therapy cannot ease. With no hesitation and no remorse,” she thundered on Facebook.

And: “REMEMBER ME when you are thinking about supporting letting juveniles and young people out of custody to roam our streets instead of HOLDING THEM ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS.”

Yes, it looks like rank hypocrisy: Where was this outrage when the policies people like Sathanandan demanded saw crime skyrocket in Minneapolis (and Chicago, and Los Angeles, and New York)?

The victims of the increased crime in Minneapolis are (as they are in other large cities) disproportionately black, with recent stats showing about 65% of murder victims to be black in a city that’s 63% white.

It’s clear someone’s systematically failing the black community here.

Sathanandan, the second vice chairwoman for the DFL, shared news of her attack in a Wednesday Facebook post.
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