Refusing to Let Joe Biden Hear Her ‘Roar’: Gov. Hochul’s Indecision Revealed

President Joe Biden came to town this week to address the UN General Assembly, meet world leaders, raise gobs of campaign cash — and ignore the migrant crisis.

And to insult Mayor Eric Adams by praising Gov. Kathy “Hide!” Hochul’s response to the city’s nightmare.

When Biden came to New York for 2021 UNGA, Hochul and then-Mayor Bill de Blasio met him at the airport; last year, Hochul and new-Mayor Adams sat down with him.

This year, Biden was too busy for any engagement with Adams, and only saw Hochul at a large reception.

Hand it to the mayor: He zinged the prez with a public invite to tour the city’s migrant intake center at the Roosevelt Hotel, just blocks from the United Nations.

Biden was definitely too busy for that: Mainly, he did a ton of fund-raisers.

Clearly, if the city isn’t serving as his campaign ATM, it can just drop dead.

The prez is peeved that the mayor keeps calling him out for his refusal to lift a finger to help; Hochul’s “hide from responsibility” approach, by contrast, wins Biden’s love.

The gov told reporters she had a “very productive conversation” with Biden about the side issue of getting faster work visas for a few illegal migrants from Venezuela.

Way to speak up, Kat.

In short, all Gotham got from Biden’s visit was more “democracy is at stake” noise — while he dodged anyone who might actually ask him to do his job.

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